Reading E-Books on Your iPad or iPhone

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Purchasing e-books directly from allows you the freedom to read these titles on a variety of platforms—including any iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod). Here's how:

Putting New E-Books on Your iPad or iPhone

1. Find Your Confirmation Email

After purchasing an e-book from, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes a link to your Virtual Bookshelf.

2. Navigate to Your Virtual Bookshelf

On your iPad or iPhone, open the confirmation email, click on the link, and sign into your Virtual Bookshelf with your account information. Any e-book or audiobook file purchased on can be accessed here at any time.

3. Download the E-Book File

Click on your new book title and then click on the ePub file. Your e-book will automatically begin downloading to your device.

4. Open the E-Book on Your iPad or iPhone

Once downloaded, a pop-up will prompt you to open the file in iBooks, with an additional option to open the file in another application. Choose the iBooks option.

This automatically opens iBooks and places the file on your iBooks bookshelf.

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Syncing E-Books Across Multiple Devices

To sync e-books across all of your Apple devices, make sure each device is up-to-date with the most recent version of iOS. E-books purchased through iBooks will sync automatically via the cloud.

E-books purchased directly from will need to be manually downloaded onto each device. After downloading your e-book on all your devices, make sure that all syncing features are enabled on each device and your books will begin syncing (including notes and highlights). Check out Apple's guide to syncing iBooks between devices for more information.

iBooks is available on any Apple device running iOS 7.0 or later, and reads both ePub and PDF files. The app offers all standard e-reading features, including customizable fonts, brightness and display settings, as well as highlighting, note-taking, and bookmarking options.

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