Reading E-Books on Your Kindle Fire

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Purchasing e-books directly from allows you the freedom to read these titles on a variety of platforms—including Kindle Fire tablets.

Putting New E-Books on Your Kindle Fire

1. Find Your Confirmation Email

After purchasing an e-book from, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes a link to your Virtual Bookshelf.

2. Navigate to Your Virtual Bookshelf

On your Kindle Fire device, open the confirmation email, click on the link, and sign into your Virtual Bookshelf with your account information. All your purchased e-book and audiobook files can be accessed here at any time.

3. Download the E-Book File

Click on your newly purchased title and then click on the MOBI file. Your e-book will automatically begin downloading to your device.

Important Note: ePub files do not work on Kindle. Additionally, if you have purchased one of our Bibles, you will see two file options: one with cross-references and one without cross-references.

Swipe downward from the top of your Kindle Fire tablet and a tab will appear with your download.

4. Open the E-Book on Your Kindle Fire

Once the download is complete, tap the completed download and the e-book will open. To find it later, simply select “Books” on the top navigation bar to open the e-book directly from your Kindle bookshelf.

Always Available, Always Backed-Up

Your e-book will remain on your device indefinitely, unless you manually delete the file. If you delete the file or if something happens to your device, you can always access the file via your Crossway Virtual Bookshelf, where you can re-download your files onto old or new devices at any time.

Kindle Fire tablets include all the standard e-reading features, including customizable fonts, brightness and display settings, highlighting, note-taking and bookmarking options. It also tracks your progress, indicating how much you've read and how far you still have to go.

Syncing E-Books Across Multiple Devices

The instructions above guide you in uploading a single e-book file onto a single Kindle Fire.

If you want to access multiple books (including your notes and highlights) from multiple devices, you will need to upload the MOBI file(s) to your Amazon Cloud Drive.

See Amazon’s Send to Kindle page for more instructions.

Important Note: Files uploaded to your Amazon Cloud Drive will not appear on your main bookshelf. Instead, you can access them by selecting the “Docs” tab along the top bar.

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