1–2 Peter: Living Hope in a Hard World

By Lydia Brownback

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1–2 Peter: Living Hope in a Hard World

By Lydia Brownback

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A 10-Week Study for Women

The apostle Peter wrote two letters to encourage Christians to persevere in their faith during a time of intensifying persecution. This 10-week study explores the theme of suffering in Peter’s letters, displaying how God uses hope, humility, and holiness to prepare believers for their final home in heaven.

The Flourish Bible Study series equips women to study the overarching storyline of the Bible book by book. Designed for individual or group use, each 10-week workbook features conversational teaching that aims to make in-depth Bible study accessible to women in all seasons of life, along with practical application questions and additional recommended resources.


Lydia Brownback

Lydia Brownback (MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary) is the author of several books and a speaker at women’s conferences around the world. Her books include the On-the-Go Devotionals for women; Finding God in My Loneliness; and Sing a New Song. Lydia is a member at Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Roselle, Illinois.

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Published: January 19, 2021

Table of Contents

Introduction: Getting into the Epistles of Peter
Studying 1–2 Peter: Reading Plan

1 Peter: As We Begin . . .
Week 1: A Living Hope (1 Peter 1:1–12)
Week 2: Growing Up in Christ (1 Peter 1:13–2:3)
Week 3: A Spiritual House (1 Peter 2:4–25)
Week 4: Living in Love (1 Peter 3:1–22)
Week 5: The God Who Purifies (1 Peter 4:1–19)
Week 6: The Way Home (1 Peter 5:1–14)

2 Peter: As We Begin . . .
Week 7: Knowing and Growing (2 Peter 1:1–21)
Week 8: Frenemies and False Teachers (2 Peter 2:1–9)
Week 9: Waterless Springs (2 Peter 2:10–22)
Week 10: The Day Will Come! (2 Peter 3:1–18)

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