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A Family Guide to Prince Caspian

By Christin Ditchfield

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Format: Paperback

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A Family Guide to Prince Caspian

By Christin Ditchfield

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Readers of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia realize that there is much more to these beloved books than talking animals, mystical creatures, and magic. Shimmering just below the surface of each story are spiritual treasures just waiting to be discovered.

That's the purpose of this Family Guide. Parents, grandparents, teachers, homeschoolers, and youth workers can use it to light the way as they explore the wonderful world of Narnia with kids. Besides highlighting biblical parallels found in each chapter of Lewis's novel, this user-friendly companion includes devotional readings, trivia, reflective questions, creative projects that will continue the adventure, and a map of Narnia featuring Prince Caspian's significant sites. This Family Guide will enrich everyone's reading of Prince Caspian, offering powerful life lessons and pointing them to the ultimate source of truth, the Bible.


Christin Ditchfield

Christin Ditchfield is an author, conference speaker, and internationally syndicated radio host. As a professional freelance writer, Christin has written dozens of best-selling gospel tracts and hundreds of articles for national and international magazines. She is the author of more than sixty-seven books and blogs at

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Published: January 31, 2008


"This cohesive and easy-to-follow guide serves as a fantastic parental teaching tool on a subject that kids love. Every child who loves Narnia needs to have a copy of this guide to help the stories of Aslan come alive in a biblically relevant way."
Ellie Kay, best-selling author of Heroes at Home

"Christin Ditchfield's love for children and reverence for the role of parents is evident. She gently, yet effectively, shines a light on God's truth, so we can all be better teachers to our children."
Vicki Caruana, America's Teacher™, author of Apples & Chalkdust and The Homeschooler's Guide to…

"An important book that will help families learn more from the Bible and The Chronicles of Narnia."
Lyle W. Dorsett, Director Emeritus, Marion E. Wade Center; Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism Emeritus, Beeson Divinity School; author, And God Came In and Seeking the Secret Place