A Way with Words: What Women Should Know about the Power They Possess

By Christin Ditchfield

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A Way with Words: What Women Should Know about the Power They Possess

By Christin Ditchfield

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Women have a way with words. A woman’s strength, influence, and ability to change the world for better—in every season and in every relationship—lies in the words she speaks each day. But with that God-given power comes the need to use it wisely, and this book provides both biblical and practical guidance to that end.

In A Way with Words, author and veteran speaker Christin Ditchfield challenges women to embrace God’s gift of words and to think carefully about how they use it. She looks at twelve timeless principles as she calls all women to examine their hearts, recognize when words are their “weapon of choice,” and learn how to steward this blessing to bring life, healing, and encouragement. Each chapter includes wisdom from influential women throughout history and a Bible study for individuals and small groups.


Christin Ditchfield

Christin Ditchfield (DMin, Northwind Theological Seminary) is the author of more than eighty books, including a number of bestselling literature guides introducing readers to spiritual truths in the works of C.S. Lewis and the world of Narnia. She shares her love of all things Lewis with her husband, Andrew Lazo, who is an Episcopal priest and Lewis scholar.

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“Christin Ditchfield really does have a way with words! Words are powerful to help, to heal, to encourage, and to inspire. I am inspired to make the most of my words as a result of Christin’s wisdom and practical encouragements. Everyone would feel more ready for life and love by reading A Way with Words. I’ve pulled out my stationery and have my e-mails ready to send! I am writing those notes, sending those cards, and making those calls because I am well equipped by A Way with Words.”
Pam Farrel, author, Men Are like Waffles, Women Are like Spaghetti; Woman of Influence; and Woman of Confidence

“Winsome, wise, witty. This is a book that every woman must read. Christin shows us that our words can either wound or heal, and she takes us on a soul-search to discover how to harness our words for redemptive purpose.”
Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Executive Director, The Praying Life Foundation; author, Live a Praying Life

A Way with Words is the most comprehensive study I’ve ever read on the importance of choosing to use the right words. Author Christin Ditchfield poignantly describes the power words have to hurt, heal, encourage, and inspire. If you long to communicate life, hope, and truth effectively, read this book.”
Carol Kent, speaker, author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

“I love Christin Ditchfield’s voice! On the platform. On the radio. In the pages of this book. Like the music of a gifted artist whose heart pours through the talented play of his or her instrument, Christin’s heart pours skillfully through the words of this book, inviting us to use words well for God’s glory and our joy. Digging deeply into the words of women of the Bible and the women of history, Christin renews our attention to one of the most important things about us—the way we use our power and freedom to speak to others. She calls us to something greater than freedom of speech: the honor of speech. How are we using words to show the love and majesty of God, to give a healing touch to others? How are we refraining from using words that are critical or useless? In today’s world of word-overload, Christin challenges every woman to handle words like weapons, with great care, and like jewels, to adorn the lives of others.”
Lael F. Arrington, author, A Faith and Culture Devotional

A Way with Words will bring life to you. You can almost hear Christin’s soothing voice flow through the pages, telling wonderful stories, quoting women as varied as Audrey Hepburn and Fanny Crosby, and backing it all solidly with Scripture.”
Dee Brestin, author, Idol Lies and The God of all Comfort

“In my home I have a framed print that reads, ‘Words are so powerful they should only be used to bless, to prosper, and to heal.’ A Way with Words is a wonderful reminder of that truth. Thank you, Christin, for the challenge and blessing of your words.”
Kendra Smiley, conference speaker; author, Journey of a Strong-Willed Child

“Christin, as always, reveals her heart, Scripture, and the importance of examining ourselves. A Way with Words is great for an individual or group study. The study questions at the end of each chapter cause you to reflect and examine Scripture and your heart. I recommend women of every age to read this book and ‘Take It to Heart.’”
Tonya Appling, homeschool mom

“Though I’ve read other books and heard many sermons on the power of one’s words, A Way with Words brought new conviction to my life in areas I hadn’t considered in my daily dealings with my husband, children, and friends. This book should be required reading annually as a gentle reminder of our awesome responsibility as women regarding the power of our words. Though Christin and I have been friends for many years, I still stand in amazement at her God-given talent with words. I heartily thank her for not being afraid to speak the truth in love. This is a much needed truth.”
Brigette, South Carolina, wife and mother of two

“Christin clearly illustrates the wonderful gift and great responsibility we have as women. I am both encouraged and challenged!”
Deborah Meacham, full-time caregiver

“This may be the most helpful women’s book I have ever read—practical, accessible, and personal. Christin’s words touched my heart and made me want to grow and bless every life that touches mine. I wish I had read this book years ago.”
Daryl Ann Beeghley, 53-year-old mother, grandmother, and veteran homeschool teacher

A Way with Words is a must-read book to obtain victory in your life and set you free to fulfill your destiny. It will stir your thinking before you speak. When you think of the power of life or death in your tongue, this book will surely ignite the desire to use your words wisely and creatively in order to build up, create, encourage, influence, and love those around you.”