Aging with Grace: Flourishing in an Anti-Aging Culture

By Sharon W. Betters, Susan Hunt

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Aging with Grace: Flourishing in an Anti-Aging Culture

By Sharon W. Betters, Susan Hunt

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Aging with Grace by the Power of the Gospel

Whatever season of life you’re in, God has equipped you to flourish—to live in the transforming power and beauty of his grace. As we age, we can easily lose sight of this message as cultural ideals glorifying youth take center stage.

In this book, Sharon W. Betters and Susan Hunt offer present-day and biblical examples of women who rediscovered gospel-rooted joy later in their lives. Equipped with a biblical view of aging, Aging with Grace will help you encounter afresh the gospel that “is big enough, good enough, and powerful enough to make every season of life significant and glorious.”

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Sharon W. Betters

Sharon W. Betters is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, pastor’s wife, and cofounder of MARKINC Ministries, where she is the director of resource development. Sharon is the author of several books, including Treasures of Encouragement and Treasures in Darkness, and is the writer of Daily Treasure, an online devotional.

Susan Hunt

Susan Hunt is the widow of pastor Gene Hunt, a mother, a grandmother, and the former director of women’s ministries for the Presbyterian Church in America. Hunt has written over 20 books, including Spiritual Mothering.

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Published: January 05, 2021

Table of Contents

Foreword by Karen Hodge
A Note from the Authors

  1. Wonder and Worship: Psalm 92:1–4
  2. Anna: Luke 2:25–38
  3. Destiny and Destination: Psalm 92:5–11
  4. Matriarchs of the Exile: Jeremiah 29
  5. Flourishing and Fruitful: Psalm 92:12–15
  6. Elizabeth: Luke 1:5–48
  7. The Long View: Psalm 71
  8. Naomi: Ruth 1–4

Concluding Thoughts
General Index
Scripture Index


“My childhood dream was to one day become a ‘godly old lady.’ At the time, that goal didn’t seem particularly daunting. Now that I’m in my sixties, it sometimes feels like climbing Mount Everest. Always a few steps ahead of me, Susan Hunt has encouraged and inspired me to press on in my journey. She has also been a spiritual ‘grandmother’ to the True Woman ministry since it launched. She has given us all a vision of flourishing in old age, for the glory of God and the good of his people. In this book, Susan and Sharon Betters have teamed together to provide perspective, wisdom, and hope for women coming behind them. They call us to keep our eyes on Christ—the prize—and to persevere to the summit, dependent on his grace every step of the way.”
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author; Founder, Revive Our Hearts and True Woman

“Some women seem to grow increasingly lovely with every year that passes. I want to learn from women who display that type of beauty and grace. That’s why I’m so thankful for Aging with Grace. This book is a wealth of wisdom for women of all ages to learn from God’s word the secret of aging with grace—I highly recommend it!”
Melissa B. Kruger, author; Vice President of Discipleship Programming, The Gospel Coalition

“As I embark on my seventh decade, I find myself saying things about ‘finishing well,’ while at the same time moaning about the aches and trials that are my unbidden companions. But one of the gifts I love most are the friends who are walking with me. Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt are two of those friends. Let me encourage you to join them as they encourage you to walk through the final steps of your journey with faith and joy. They have encouraged me.”
Elyse Fitzpatrick, coauthor, Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women

“As a woman on the cusp of her forties, I’ve harbored a secret fear of aging. More than the changes of my physical appearance, I’ve feared becoming obsolete as I age. I read Aging with Grace with a lot of tears and thankfulness as my fears were turned to praise. Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt address the realities of aging with biblical encouragement to fix our gaze on our timeless God who will finish the work he started in us. Because God is faithful, our growth in Christ will continue as we age. This is a book I will return to over and over again.”
Glenna Marshall, author, The Promise Is His Presence; Everyday Faithfulness; and Memorizing Scripture 

“Seasoned with wisdom, Aging with Grace offers us the biblical recipe for a life marked by hoping in Christ. Through examples of women in the Bible as well as women in the church today, Susan Hunt and Sharon Betters guide us to reflect on God’s faithfulness to his people throughout all of redemptive history, reminding us that it’s never too late to sink our roots in the soil of God’s word for his glory and our good.”
Hunter Beless, Founder, Journeywomen; author, Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It! and Amy Carmichael: The Brown-Eyed Girl Who Learned to Pray

“As I read the accounts of the godly women in this book, I was confronted with thoughts about flourishing in aging that I had not previously considered. I felt guided by godly compassion and wise instruction, rather than by the frustrations of past significance or selfish pay-attention-to-me-nowness. This book is truly about flourishing in the years of God’s maturing grace.”
Bryan Chapell, Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church in America

“Through their insightful observations on Scripture, telling the stories of godly women in the Bible, and sharing contemporary testimonies, the authors show us how to flourish in our experiences with God and impact on others. Reading Aging with Grace will not only bless you but will also allow you to bless others.”
John Dunlop, MD, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Yale School of Medicine; author, Finishing Well to the Glory of God

Aging with Grace is a remarkably authentic, heartwarming, and scriptural balm for the soul in the context of growing older. Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt consider the wisdom of godly biblical women in light of their own and other’s personal experiences, thereby guiding readers on how to age with grace in an anti-aging culture. Gospel hope radiates from each page, so read and be blessed.”
Peter A. Lillback, President, Westminster Theological Seminary

“In Aging with Grace, Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt provide a beautiful picture of fruitfulness in the later season of life. They explore God’s word to all generations, as they also introduce you to women shaped by divine truth in good times and bad. This resource is valuable for any leader who longs to serve God’s people with biblical wisdom and compassion.”
Stephen T. Estock, Coordinator, PCA Discipleship Ministries

“Susan Hunt and Sharon Betters have written a book that is simultaneously timeless and timely. Practical and inspirational, warmly personal and profoundly biblical, apt for young and old alike, Aging with Grace needs to go right to the top of your must-read nightstand stack.”
George Grant, Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Tennessee; author, The Micah Mandate

“Reading this book made me feel like my two older sisters, walking toward Jesus in deep conversation, turned and saw me trying to find my own way, looked at each other, then ran back to grab my hands, laugh with joy, and resume with me between them. You are never too young or too old to glean solid, biblical, and practical wisdom from Aging with Grace.”
Karen Grant, wife of George Grant, pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Tennessee

“In a society that seems to value only youth and viability, Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt reach deep into Scripture to illustrate God’s value on his children as they age and mature. They help calm the fears of aging while pointing to often hidden treasures, perspectives, and the depth of God’s presence and faithfulness as we age.”
Peter Rosenberger, author; Host, Hope for the Caregiver

"Seasoned with wisdom, Aging with Grace offers us the biblical recipe for a life marked by hoping in Christ."

Hunter Beless

Founder and Executive Director, Journeywomen podcast