Ask Pastor John: 750 Bible Answers to Life's Most Important Questions

By Tony Reinke, Foreword by John Piper

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Format: Hardcover w/ Jacket

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Ask Pastor John: 750 Bible Answers to Life's Most Important Questions

By Tony Reinke, Foreword by John Piper

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John Piper’s Answers to Hundreds of Questions about Ethics, Theology, the Bible, and More

Navigating the Christian life in a secular world will inevitably stir questions in the lives of thoughtful believers. Motivated by the need for sound biblical advice, Ask Pastor John was formed, a podcast featuring pastor-theologian and bestselling author John Piper’s answers to audience-proposed questions about life’s toughest topics. Podcast episodes have been played over 230 million times and have become a staple in the lives of Christians around the world.

In this unique book, Ask Pastor John host Tony Reinke summarizes and organizes 10 years of their most popular episodes into accessible, thematic sections. Readers will be able to quickly and systematically access Piper’s insights on hundreds of topics including Bible reading, dating, social media, mental health, and more—ultimately learning how asking good questions strengthens their faith and understanding of God’s word.

  • Based on John Piper’s Well-Known Podcast Ask Pastor John: Questions and answers are distilled by journalist and host Tony Reinke
  • Widely Accessible: Appeals to new believers, seasoned Christians, church leaders, and young adults alike
  • Useful Reference Tool: Great for looking up commonly questioned topics related to life, Christianity, and the Bible 


Tony Reinke

Tony Reinke is a journalist and serves as senior teacher and host of the Ask Pastor John podcast for He is the author of Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books; Competing Spectacles; and 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

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Format: Hardcover w/ Jacket
Page Count: 416
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ISBN-10: 1-4335-8126-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-8126-7
ISBN-UPC: 9781433581267
Published: March 05, 2024

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Piper
A Little History of APJ (and Why I Wrote This Book)
A Word Before We Begin
Chapter 1: On Bible Reading, Bible Neglect, and Bible Memory
Chapter 2: On Politics, Patriotism, and Culture Wars
Chapter 3: On Careers, Calling, and Overworking
Chapter 4: On Purpose, Productivity, and Laziness
Chapter 5: On Money, Shopping, and the Prosperity Gospel
Chapter 6: On Gambling, Lotteries, and the Stock Market
Chapter 7: On Pouting, Sulking, and Self-Pity
Chapter 8: On Cussing, Lying, and Gossip
Chapter 9: On Dating, Romance Idols, and Fornication
Chapter 10: On Married Sex, Bedroom Taboos, and Fading Attraction
Chapter 11: On Barrenness, Conception, and Birth Control
Chapter 12: On Hard Marriages, Divorce, and Abuse
Chapter 13: On Male Headship, Guns, and the Midlife Crisis
Chapter 14: On Fearless Women, Feminine Beauty, and Modesty
Chapter 15: On Gyms, Exercise, and Body Image
Chapter 16: On Food, Fasting, and Feasting
Chapter 17: On Alcohol, Tobacco, and Pot
Chapter 18: On Smartphones, Social Media, and Selfie Sticks
Chapter 19: On Television, Movies, and Fun
Chapter 20: On Lust, Porn, and TV Nudity
Chapter 21: On Satan, Demons, and the Unforgivable Sin
Chapter 22: On the Reprobate, Capriciousness, and Divine Unfairness
Chapter 23: On Trials, Sorrow, and Chronic Pain
Chapter 24: On Deadness, Depression, and Desertion
Chapter 25: On Writing, Grammar, and Poetry
Chapter 26: On Joining, Leaving, and Finding a Church
Chapter 27: On Retirement, Snowbirding, and Finishing Well
Chapter 28: On Suicide, Euthanasia, and the Will to Live
Favorite Episodes
Full Index of Episodes Featuring John Piper (2013–2022)