(A)Typical Woman: Free, Whole, and Called in Christ

By Abigail Dodds

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(A)Typical Woman: Free, Whole, and Called in Christ

By Abigail Dodds

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A Woman Through and Through

In a culture that can belittle womanhood on the one hand—making it irrelevant—and glorify it on the other—making it everything—it’s hard to know what it really means to be a woman. But when we understand womanhood through the lens of Scripture, we see that we need a bigger category for what God has called “woman.”

This book breathes fresh air into our womanhood, reminding us what life in Christ—as a woman—looks like. When we see that we are women in all we do, we can be at peace with how God has created us, recognizing womanhood as an essential part of Christ’s mission and work.

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Abigail Dodds

Abigail Dodds (MA, Bethlehem College & Seminary) is a wife and mother of five children. She is a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church in the Twin Cities where her husband, Tom, serves as an elder. In addition to tending their bustling home, she writes for desiringGod.org and occasionally blogs at her personal site, hopeandstay.com.

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Published: November 04, 2021

Table of Contents


Part One: Women Through and Through—In Christ

  1. The Meaning of Words: Christian and Woman 
  2. The End Is the Beginning
  3. Wholly Women
  4. Bible Women
  5. Embodied Women
  6. (A)typical Women

Part Two: Women in All We Do—In Christ

  1. Transforming Women
  2. Single Women
  3. Married Women
  4. Mothering Women
  5. Working Women
  6. Discipling Women

Part Three: Fearless and Free Women—In Christ

  1. Strong and Weak Women
  2. Dependent Women 
  3. Afflicted Women 
  4. Free Women
  5. The Infinite Christ in Finite Women

General Index
Scripture Index


“God is calling Christian women not to be typical, but to be faithful, joyful, and fruitful—in a hundred significant good works prepared before the universe existed. Abigail Dodds is a proven voice for truth among today’s cacophony of counsel for women. Her passion is that women love being God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated women. This is not the portrait of womanhood painted by the world. Therefore, she is not calling for something easy, but something courageous. I hope you consider her challenge.”
John Piper, Founder and Teacher, desiringGod.org; Chancellor, Bethlehem College & Seminary; author, Desiring God

(A)Typical Woman reminds readers to break the mold of Christian stereotypes while resisting the untrue, pliable ideas of the world. This was a deep, thought-provoking read that challenges us to find our identity in Christ alone.”
Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, Cofounders, Risen Motherhood

“Abigail Dodds presents a gospel-centered and gospel-saturated approach to the topic of womanhood. She points women to our identity in Christ and encourages, challenges, and exhorts us to live in light of our union with Christ. This book is for any woman in any season.”
Kristin Schmucker, Founder and CEO, The Daily Grace Co.; Bible study author

“I believe every Christian woman will benefit from reading (A)Typical Woman. In it, Abigail Dodds gently corrects false beliefs about womanhood, encouraging us to embrace God’s true design for Christian women by centering our entire person around Christ. Dodds’s words refreshed and encouraged me not only to embrace but to actually enjoy my design as a woman of God.”
Hunter Beless, Founder, Journeywomen; author, Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It! and Amy Carmichael: The Brown-Eyed Girl Who Learned to Pray

“Our generation suffers from amnesia. We don’t remember who we are or why we were created, and that is why, sadly, we have settled for a distorted reality. This book is an elixir against the terrible disease that causes us to forget who we are as women and what our womanhood is really about. I invite you to read it to discover the truth or to remember it. This book is a timely reminder of truth to women living in a forgetful generation. In (A)Typical Woman, Abigail Dodds’s words are filled with truth, grace, and great insight.”
Betsy Gómez, Blogger, Revive Our Hearts Hispanic Outreach