Christianity and Science

By Herman Bavinck, Edited by N. Gray Sutanto, James Eglinton, Cory C. Brock

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Christianity and Science

By Herman Bavinck, Edited by N. Gray Sutanto, James Eglinton, Cory C. Brock

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This Companion to Theologian Herman Bavinck’s Christian Worldview Explores Christianity’s Contributions to Higher Education

After writing his well-known book Christian Worldview, Dutch Calvinist theologian and scholar Herman Bavinck focused his attention on how the Christian faith benefits higher learning, particularly religious studies, natural sciences, and the humanities.

Christianity and Science explores the pros and cons of Christian science and features brief, informative sections on the natural sciences, the humanities, theological science and religious studies, the doctrine of revelation, the benefits of Christianity for scholarship, and what it means to develop a Christian university. Responding to the challenges of the modern age, Bavinck recognizes the significance of faith in education. Edited and translated in English for the first time by N. Gray Sutanto, James Eglinton, and Cory C. Brock, this fundamental work will inspire Christian teachers, practitioners, and seminarians in their pursuits. 

  • Foundational Text on Christian Education: Analyzes how faith shapes various disciplines of higher education, with a section highlighting the construction of the Free University of Amsterdam in 1880
  • Comprehensive: Each short section is packed with important information on the natural sciences, the humanities, and more
  • Ideal for Educators, Students, and Practitioners: Considers holistic ways to teach future generations in a world that’s resistant to Christianity
  • Companion to Bavinck’s Book Christian Worldview

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Herman Bavinck

Herman Bavinck (18541921) was a leading theologian in the modern Dutch Reformed tradition. He is the author of the magisterial four-volume Reformed Dogmatics.



N. Gray Sutanto

N. Gray Sutanto (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is assistant professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, DC. He is the author of God and Knowledge: Herman Bavinck’s Theological Epistemology, and a cotranslator and coeditor of Herman Bavinck’s Christian Worldview.

James Eglinton

James Eglinton (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is the Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Reformed Theology at New College, the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of Bavinck: A Critical Biography, which won the 2020 Gospel Coalition Book of the Year award for history and biography.


Cory C. Brock

Cory C. Brock (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is a minister at St Columba's Free Church of Scotland in Edinburgh. He is also an adjunct lecturer in theology at Edinburgh Theological Seminary and Belhaven University. He is the author of Orthodox yet Modern: Herman Bavinck’s Use of Friedrich Schleiermacher and coauthor of Neo-Calvinism: A Theological Introduction.

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Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: How the Concept of a Christian Science Emerged
Chapter 3: Defects That Clung to Christian Science
Chapter 4: Positive Science
Chapter 5: Evaluation of Positivism
Chapter 6: Consequence of the Verdict
Chapter 7: The Concept of Science
Chapter 8: The Natural Sciences
Chapter 9: The Humanities
Chapter 10: Theological Science
Chapter 11: Revelation
Chapter 12: The Blessing of Christianity for Science
Chapter 13: A Christian University