Disciple: Getting Your Identity from Jesus

By Bill Clem

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Format: Paperback

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Disciple: Getting Your Identity from Jesus

By Bill Clem

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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” —Jesus

This is a book about pursuit. How God pursues people. How we pursue him. And how he uses us to pursue others.

God pursued us when Jesus came into this ruined world as an agent of redemption, asking us to follow him and to become his disciples. Yet, what does Jesus actually mean by disciple? And as his disciples, what is our mission?

Pastor Bill Clem masterfully answers these questions, explaining what Jesus meant when he called his followers “disciples”, and what he intended when he told us to then make disciples. This helpful guide weaves together Scripture and real-life stories to illustrate the essential elements of Christian discipleship.

Whether you’ve just become a follower of Jesus or you’ve been one for years, Disciple will help you see that Jesus invites his people to freedom rather than mere rule keeping, and it will give you a relational framework—instead of behavioral prescriptions—for pursuing God.


Bill Clem

Bill Clem serves as pastor of leadership formation at Imago Die Community Church in Portland, Oregon.

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Published: September 30, 2011


“Listen to the wise words of a seasoned pastor who knows that being a disciple of Jesus is much more than developing biblical literacy and theological knowledge. Learn how grace embeds your little story in the larger story of redemption and transforms your heart in the process.”
Paul David Tripp, author, New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

“Bill Clem uses his powerful storytelling ability, theological insights, and personal journey to speak straight to the heart of discipleship. Reading this book was like having a cup of coffee with one of the most influential thinkers and ministry leaders of our day.”
David Livermore, President, Cultural Intelligence Center; author, Serving with Eyes Wide Open

“In all my ministry years I have never met anyone who is more adept and passionate about the subject and lifestyle of discipleship. This book will not be one you half read and then set aside for the next garage sale; it will be part of your permanent library, used to equip yourself and others for years to come. In fact, I wager you will read and reread this. It’s that good! Disciple challenges us all to dig deeper so that we might learn what it means to be a true follower of Jesus and to help others to do the same.”
Mike Love, Founder, Director, Extreme Dream Ministries

“Bill Clem shattered all of my preconceptions of discipleship, but in so doing he masterfully painted a beautiful portrait of what a disciple is and what discipleship looks like. A must-read for anyone serious about making gospel-centered disciples.”
Carlos Montoya, Lead Pastor, Blaze Christian Fellowship, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Through both his writing and his life, Bill Clem has given us an inspiring vision of what it looks like to live out our identity as disciples of Jesus.”
Pete Kelley, Lead Pastor, Doxology, Corvallis, Oregon

Disciple connects the relational community of the triune God to his image bearers in the greatest nonfiction story of all—the story of God. The privilege of playing our part in his story is masterfully told by Clem. Not only is Disciple a ‘great read’; it is a ‘must-study.’"
Mark A. Hoeffner, Executive Director, CB Northwest; Lead Elder, Grace Baptist Church, White Salmon, Washington

“Bill has been one the most influential pastors shaping my thinking on discipleship. He brings a holistic, gospel-centered, Jesus-exalting approach to the ongoing formation of the redeemed people of God. I thank God for Bill’s impact on my life and I trust that you will as well after reading this book.”
Jeff Vanderstelt, Visionary Leader, Soma; Pastor, Doxa Church, Bellevue, Washington; author, Saturate