Disciplines of a Godly Man

Updated Edition

By R. Kent Hughes

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Disciplines of a Godly Man

Updated Edition

By R. Kent Hughes

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No man will get anywhere in life without discipline—and growth in godliness is no exception.

Seasoned pastor R. Kent Hughes’s inspiring and best-selling book Disciplines of a Godly Man—now updated with fresh references and suggested resources—is filled with godly advice aimed at helping men grow in the disciplines of prayer, integrity, marriage, leadership, worship, purity, and more.

With biblical wisdom, memorable illustrations, and engaging study questions, this practical guide will empower men to take seriously the call to godliness and direct their energy toward the things that matter most.

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R. Kent Hughes

R. Kent Hughes (DMin, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is senior pastor emeritus of College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, and former professor of practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hughes is also a founder of the Charles Simeon Trust, which conducts expository preaching conferences throughout North America and worldwide. He serves as the series editor for the Preaching the Word commentary series and is the author or coauthor of many books. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, and have four children and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren.

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Published: July 30, 2019

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction 

  1. Discipline for Godliness

Part 2: Relationships 

  1. Discipline of Purity
  2. Discipline of Marriage
  3. Discipline of Fatherhood
  4. Discipline of Friendship

Part 3: Soul

  1. Discipline of Mind
  2. Discipline of Devotion
  3. Discipline of Prayer
  4. Discipline of Worship

Part 4: Character

  1. Discipline of Integrity
  2. Discipline of Tongue
  3. Discipline of Work
  4. Discipline of Perseverance

Part 5: Ministry

  1. Discipline of Church
  2. Discipline of Leadership
  3. Discipline of Giving
  4. Discipline of Witness
  5. Discipline of Ministry

Part 6: Discipline

  1. Grace of Discipline

A. Resources for Spiritual Growth
B. James and Deby Fellowes’s Witness to Their Faith
C. Personal Reading Survey
D. Selected Proverbs Regarding the Tongue
E. Hymns for Personal Adoration and Praise
F. Choruses and Scripture Songs for Personal Adoration and Praise
G. Praise Psalms Especially Appropriate for Personal Worship
General Index
Scripture Index


“I am so weary of the peculiar therapeutic atmosphere in which we live today that is scared stiff to tell anybody to do anything or to warn anybody of dangerous consequences of failing to take responsibility for his or her life. So to find someone taking seriously the biblical call for ‘agonizing to enter the kingdom’ and striving like a gymnast to become godly and boxing and sweating like a champion to get victory over sin is the most refreshing thing I could have set my eyes on.”
John Piper, Founder and Teacher, desiringGod.org; Chancellor, Bethlehem College & Seminary; author, Desiring God

“Every Christian man, whether a new believer or a mature Christian, will be challenged again and again by this remarkably wise and fascinating book. Kent Hughes skillfully weaves together the teachings of Scripture with real-life examples as he powerfully teaches us what true Christian manhood looks like in the ordinary details of our lives. I highly recommend this update of a book that is becoming a Christian classic.”
Wayne Grudem, Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary; author, Christian Ethics

“Discipline is a subject about which the Scriptures say much—but contemporary authors have been peculiarly silent. Kent Hughes fills a gaping void with this superb volume. You’ll be challenged and encouraged as you read. And if there is a spark of spiritual desire in your soul, this book will surely kindle it into a blazing passion for godly discipline.”
John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California; Chancellor Emeritus, The Master’s University and Seminary

“There are some books, though very few, that remain ‘evergreen’—that through the years remain as useful and challenging as the day they were written. There’s little doubt that Disciplines of a Godly Man is one of these. For that reason, I’m delighted to see it just so slightly refreshed as it’s prepared to challenge a whole new generation of men with its biblical principles and timeless wisdom. I trust it will prove itself as edifying to them as it has to me and so many others.”
Tim Challies, blogger, Challies.com

“The best contemporary book of spiritual guidance I’ve read in a long time. Usually for this type of food I have to look for a book that is at least seventy-five years old. This book is a surprising exception. And it has the added advantage of being very relevant to specific needs in today’s world.”
Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka; author, Discipling in a Multicultural World

“This is one of the best books I’ve read. What an outstanding volume! I guarantee: Digest this book and you will bid the blahs farewell.”
Charles Swindoll, pastor; best-selling author