Exodus: Stories of Redemption and Relationship

By David Murray

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Exodus: Stories of Redemption and Relationship

By David Murray

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A Daily Devotional through the Book of Exodus from the StoryChanger Devotional Series

If you want to change your story, you need to know God’s story. This devotional, part of the StoryChanger Devotional series, is a friendly, practical guide to understanding the book of Exodus and how it shapes your story. 

Exodus: Stories of Redemption and Relationship includes 50 devotionals written by David Murray, author of The StoryChanger. This series features daily readings designed to help you learn, love, and live the whole Bible. Murray walks you through the full text of Exodus, offering thoughtful comments on the book’s message, reflection questions, and a personal daily prayer. This devotional can help reorient your mind and transform your life with God’s better story.

  • 50 Daily God-Centered Devotionals: Each day includes an explanation of that day’s reading, reflection questions, and a personal prayer  
  • Great for Families, Individuals, or Small Groups: Accessible for non-Christians and new Christians, this devotional also helps readers learn how to effectively share God’s story
  • Part 2 of the StoryChanger Devotional Series: Inspired by Murray’s book The StoryChanger: How God Rewrites Our Story by Inviting Us into His

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David Murray

David Murray (PhD, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) has pastored four churches in Scotland and the USA. He is also a counselor, a regular speaker at conferences, and the author of several books, including Reset and Exploring the Bible. David has taught Old Testament, counseling, and pastoral theology at various seminaries.

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Published: January 10, 2023

Table of Contents

Introduction to the StoryChanger Devotionals
Introduction to Exodus: Stories of Redemption and Relationship

1. God’s Unbreakable Promise to the Broken (Exodus 1:1–22)
2. Faith Makes the Impossible Possible (Exodus 2:1–10) 
3. Change Your Glasses to Change Your Choices (Exodus 2:11–15)
4. God Comes Down to Lift You Up (Exodus 3:1–12)
5. What a Powerful Name It Is! (Exodus 3:13–21)
6. God’s Compassion for Doubters (Exodus 4:1–17)
7. His Rage We Can Endure, for Lo, His Doom Is Sure (Exodus 5)
8. A Concrete Covenant for Sandy Faith (Exodus 6:1–13)
9. Hardness Makes It Harder (Exodus 7)
10. Are Plagues and Pandemics the Finger of God? (Exodus 8)
11. God’s Purpose for the Wicked (Exodus 9)
12. Faker, Fighter, or Faith (Exodus 10) 
13. God’s Everywhere Goodness Serves Particular Grace (Exodus 11)
14. An Antidote for Amnesia (Exodus 12:1–14)
15. God’s Hand and Our Hands (Exodus 13:1–10)
16. Extreme Salvation for Extreme Sinners (Exodus 13:11–16) 
17. God’s Surprising Solution to Our Greatest Problem (Exodus 14)
18. What Songs Should We Sing? (Exodus 15:1–21)
19. The God Who Heals (Exodus 15:22–27)
20. Complainers or Praisers? (Exodus 16:1–12)
21. The Secret to Exam Success (Exodus 16:13–36)
22. God Takes an Exam (Exodus 17:1–7)
23. Faith and Family (Exodus 18:1–12)
24. The Blessing of Law and Order (Exodus 18:13–27)
25. The Four R’s (Exodus 19:1–6)
26. The Love of God in the Law of God (Exodus 20)
27. The Defender of the Defenseless (Exodus 21:1–11)
28. An Eye for an Eye (Exodus 21:12–36)
29. How to Become Debt Free (Exodus 22:1–15)
30. Take the Year Off! (Exodus 23:10–13)
31. God Goes Before You (Exodus 23:20–33)
32. God Enjoys You (Exodus 24)
33. God’s Living Room (Exodus 25:1–9)
34. God’s Favorite Chair (Exodus 25:10–22)
35. God’s Supper Table (Exodus 25:23–30)
36. God’s Lamp (Exodus 25:31–40)
37. God’s Curtains (Exodus 26)
38. God’s Fireplace (Exodus 27:1–8)
39. What a Friend We Have In Jesus (Exodus 28–29)
40. The Perfume of Prayer (Exodus 30:1–10, 22–38)
41. I Won’t Forget the Man Who Died (Exodus 30:11–16)
42. God’s Washroom (Exodus 30:17–21)
43. The Beauty and Dignity of Manual Labor (Exodus 31:1–11)
44. God Works for Our Rest (Exodus 31:12–18)
45. A Persuasive Prayer for the Backslidden (Exodus 32:1–14)
46. Punishing Sin and Praying for Sinners (Exodus 32:15–35)
47. God’s Absence Is Our Terror (Exodus 33:1–17)
48. God’s Goodness Is His Glory (Exodus 33:18–34:7)
49. Freely Gotten, Freely Given (Exodus 35–36)
50. The Ever-Living, Never-Leaving God (Exodus 40:33–38) 


“If you are looking for a daily tool to help you understand the overall story of Scripture while also challenging you to grow spiritually, then Exodus: Stories of Redemption and Relationship is exactly what you need. David Murray has eloquently crafted daily studies that are as deep as they are accessible. In fifty days of study, David walks you through one of the most well-known stories in the Bible in a fresh way that will make you grapple with your own need for God and his redeeming work.”
Adam Griffin, Lead Pastor, Eastside Community Church, Dallas, Texas; Host, Family Discipleship Podcast; coauthor, Family Discipleship

“Exodus is foundational for the story of the Bible and the story of God’s work among his people, and this book is a wonderful companion in your journey through Exodus. In it, David Murray helps us to see clearly how Exodus not only fits into the story of the Bible that culminates in Christ but also how the story continues in us, his church. I am happy to recommend this devotional as a complement to your own reading through Exodus so that you are better equipped both to change your own story with God’s story and help others do the same.”
Chris Bruno, Global Partner for Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, Training Leaders International; author, The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses

“If you are looking for a biblically based devotional book that is surprisingly accessible to any level of Christian maturity, you have picked up the right book. This particular book on Exodus is uniquely useful because David Murray wrote it. He has a special writing gift that demonstrates his skill as an expositor and his shepherding intuition as a pastor. That gift is wonderfully present in this particular volume on Exodus, and I commend this book to pastors to buy in bulk and distribute to your entire congregation to study together.”
Brian Croft, Executive Director, Practical Shepherding

“We live in a confusing swirl of stories—our own and those presented to us by the world. David Murray has crafted something exceptional in the StoryChanger Exodus devotional—brief, energetic, accessible devotions on a critically important Bible book that will help us understand God’s story and, in the process, find transformation for our own!”
Peter Mead, Pastor, Trinity Chippenham, United Kingdom; Director, Cor Deo; blogger, BiblicalPreaching.net