Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids

By David Murray, Illustrated by Scotty Reifsnyder, Foreword by Donald S. Whitney

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Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids

By David Murray, Illustrated by Scotty Reifsnyder, Foreword by Donald S. Whitney

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A Journey through the Bible for Kids

Reading the Bible is like taking a trip through God's story, setting out to explore and experience the beautiful views found within. But without a map, it's easy to get lost. 

Exploring the Bible leads kids ages 6–12 through the Bible one day at a time over the course of a year. For use alongside any Bible, this workbook will help them see the overarching story of God's Word and lay the foundation for a lifetime of discovering truths about God, humanity, and the gospel. 

Each weekly entry includes: 

  • Daily Bible readings
  • Prayer points
  • Memory verse
  • Discussion questions
  • Space for sermon notes and reflections

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David Murray

David Murray (PhD, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) has pastored four churches in Scotland and the USA. He is also a counselor, a regular speaker at conferences, and the author of several books, including Reset and Exploring the Bible. David has taught Old Testament, counseling, and pastoral theology at various seminaries.


Scotty Reifsnyder

Scotty Reifsnyder (MFA, Temple University) is assistant professor of art and design at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He worked at the award-winning design studio Headcase Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has done illustrative and design work for Chronicle Books, Disney/Pixar, GQ, Time magazine, the Boston Globe, the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Wired magazine.

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Published: September 30, 2017


“There is so much I could say to commend Exploring the Bible, but any praise would pale in comparison to this, the ultimate parental endorsement: I gave all three of my children Exploring the Bible as their very first experience of personal devotions. All three used it, all three enjoyed it, and all three benefited tremendously from using it. I wholeheartedly recommend it for your children, too.”
Tim Challies, author, Seasons of Sorrow

“This Bible reading plan has it all—engaging graphics, kid-sized reading assignments, space for reflection, and helpful commentary. What an exciting endeavor—to help children read (for themselves!) an overview of the Bible in a year! I can’t wait to give away copies of Exploring the Bible to the kids in my life.”
Gloria Furman, author, Labor with Hope and Missional Motherhood

“Too many times children are told about the Bible without ever being encouraged to read the text themselves. In his book Exploring the Bible, David Murray has given a gift to disciple-making parents everywhere. This resource will help children and families dig into the riches of the Bible while subtly teaching the necessity of daily reading and learning with God’s people. I can see individual children using it or whole families sharing their discoveries around the dinner table. As you seek to raise disciples who are hungry for and knowledgeable of the Word, this resource will be invaluable.”
Chap Bettis, author, The Disciple-Making Parent

Exploring the Bible has been carefully crafted. The passages selected, the layout and design, and the opportunities given for children to reflect and respond will work in concert to guide them into an understanding of what the Bible is all about. I hope it is widely used.”
Kenneth Berding, Director, Bible Fluency; Professor of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; author, Bible Revival: Recommitting Ourselves to One Book

“Encouragingly brief, carefully chosen passages lead explorers through the main ideas of the entire Bible in 365 days, with captions and questions to sharpen their focus. Wonderful weekly peaks connect the Old and New Testaments, pointing to Jesus, reinforcing the big picture, and urging personal application. This treasure is at the top of my gift list for new Bible explorers!”
Gail Schoonmaker, illustrator, The Big Picture Story Bible; author, Big Picture Bible Crafts

“Without guidance and a plan, children will flounder when trying to read and understand the Bible on their own. That’s why resources like David Murray’s book are so important. I don’t even want to imagine what my Christian life and my ministry would have been without the encouragement and structure for daily Bible reading I received as a child. But if I’d had something like Exploring the Bible, I think my scriptural foundations would have been even stronger.”
Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and John H. Powell Endowed Chair of Pastoral Ministry, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life; Praying the Bible; and Family Worship

“An important, but often neglected, part of the education we provide for our children is instruction in the actual contents of the Bible. We give our children math flashcards and grammar workbooks, we enroll them in music lessons and put them on sports teams, but we often don’t know where to begin to teach them what’s in the Bible. Exploring the Bible will get elementary-school-aged children started reading Scripture on their own, giving them a grasp of its overall big picture as they read.”
Starr Meade, author, Training Hearts, Teaching Minds; The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study; and Give Them Truth

"As you seek to raise disciples who are hungry for and knowledgeable of the Word, this resource will be invaluable.”

Chap Bettis

author, The Disciple-Making Parent