Finishing Well to the Glory of God: Strategies from a Christian Physician

By John Dunlop, MD

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Finishing Well to the Glory of God: Strategies from a Christian Physician

By John Dunlop, MD

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Most people want to finish life well, yet so few take the time necessary to carefully think through what that entails. Some say it means contentment, happiness, and freedom from pain. Many desire to simply maintain their dignity and enjoy their family and loved ones. These are reasonable goals; yet, there is a more profound, uniquely Christian approach to the end of life.

John Dunlop, a medical doctor who has practiced for over thirty years and specializes in geriatrics, combines his medical expertise, firsthand experience with patients, and firm commitment to Scripture to propose nine strategies for finishing life well. He shows how with proper physical, emotional, and spiritual preparation, aging and death need not be a fight to the finish but a purposeful resting in the arms of the Savior. Theologically robust and practically relevant, this book will prove to be a sensitive and helpful resource for anyone facing end-of-life issues.


John Dunlop, MD

John Dunlop (MD, Johns Hopkins University) practiced geriatric medicine for thirty-eight years and taught in the bioethics program at Trinity International University. He now lives in New Haven, Connecticut, where he taught at the Yale School of Medicine. Dunlop is the author of Finishing Well to the Glory of GodWellness for the Glory of God; and Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia.

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“Drawing from his years of experience as a physician who has shepherded countless patients through the ‘valley of the shadow of death,’ John Dunlop provides pastoral wisdom and sound strategies. Finishing Well to the Glory of God is filled with examples from his own life and practice, laced with rich Scriptures and punctuated with thoughtful prayers. Dr. Dunlop gently addresses spiritual, emotional, psychological, financial, and physical needs. This book helps us plan our final decades, months, weeks, and hours with a God-centered attitude toward death and dying.”
Paige Cunningham, Executive Director, The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

“Don't face your death or that of a loved one unprepared. Finishing Well to the Glory of God is the comprehensive, deeply Christian and readable resource I know of its kind and will prepare you and your loved ones to die well.”
David Stevens, CEO, Christian Medical and Dental Associations

“Anyone who thinks the Bible is archaic will be quickly dissuaded after reading Dr. Dunlop's scriptural insights. To these insights, he adds his professional observations, personal stories, and very practical advice. The strategies he offers are clearly the result of years of experience in caring, deeply caring, for persons in their twilight years. This book will be helpful for patients and families both before death and afterward.”
Robert D. Orr, MD, CM, clinical ethicist; author, Medical Ethics and the Faith Factor

“This volume by John Dunlop is a brilliant combination of biblical reflection, medical expertise, and godly, warm-hearted wisdom. This book will be of great help to those who are approaching the end of their lives as well as all who want to prepare now to finish well in the future. Friends, family members and other care-givers will benefit from Dunlop’s wisdom. I was especially moved by his discussion of completing the agenda of our lives and of the decision-making process of changing gears from cure to comfort. May God give this book a wide hearing!”
Steven C. Roy, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Here is a practical guide, brimming with the fresh wisdom of medical experience, a pervasive God-centered vision, and a deft pastoral touch reminiscent of the Puritan divines. John Dunlop has done the church a great service in this book, probing very difficult questions that all people, not least Christians, must face as physical death approaches. Christians in the West can be doubly grateful since they, of all believers worldwide, are culturally least equipped on these matters. Just to consume the many stories, lessons learned, and anecdotes laid out in these pages, each one betraying years of keen observation, is a lavish meal and worth the price of the book. Dunlop offers a compelling guide for us all as we prepare to finish well—to die—to the glory of God. Sell your shirt and buy a copy for all your friends and family!”
Hans Madueme, Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College

“Who would not want love, hope, and joy at the end of life? But how does one gain them? What Christian would not welcome letting go, growing through adversity, and resting in Jesus? But how does one experience them? Dr. John Dunlop provides extremely practical and well-tested answers to these and other equally vital questions. Anyone facing death or expecting to do so someday will be wonderfully blessed by this book.”
John F. Kilner, Professor Emeritus of Bioethics and Contemporary Culture, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Dunlop is the doctor we all want: clever, wise, faithful, and motivated by clear Christian values. If you need to think about aging and death—and we all do—you couldn’t do better than this book.”
Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois; President, God Centered Life Ministries