Game Day for the Glory of God: A Guide for Athletes, Fans, and Wannabes

By Stephen Altrogge

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Game Day for the Glory of God: A Guide for Athletes, Fans, and Wannabes

By Stephen Altrogge

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This book gives biblical guidance on playing, watching, and discussing sports in a God-glorifying manner, helping believers grow in both their love for God and their passion for holiness.

Scripture calls Christians to do everything for the glory of God. That means every thought, every word, and every deed are to be done in a way that brings pleasure and honor to him. Believe it or not, this includes playing, watching, and talking sports! But most of us fail to recognize how sports fit into the big picture of a God-glorifying life, unable to imagine that the God who created the universe might actually care about Little League games and Monday Night Football.

So how do we play, watch, and talk sports for God's glory? Game Day for the Glory of God seeks to answer that question from a biblical perspective. Sports fan Stephen Altrogge aims to help readers enjoy sports as a gift from God and to see sports as a means of growing in godliness.


Stephen Altrogge

Stephen Altrogge is a freelance writer living in Tallahassee, Florida. He writes regularly at The Blazing Center. He and his wife, Jen, have three daughters.

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Published: September 30, 2008


"A new, eye-opening look into sports and the gifts from God that sports really are."
Steve Bosdosh, PGA golf instructor; contributor, Golf Magazine and Sports Illustrated

"A wonderful and refreshing take on sports that brings God to the position where he should be: Head Coach, Manager, Commissioner! This book is a blessing for anyone who has or needs perspective."
David Stein, Host, A Celebration of Life Through Sports

"Game Day and the Glory of God brings a gospel-centered voice to one of America's biggest idols. A practical guide to many aspects of ministry."
Gary Shavey, Pastor, Mars Hill Church; Chaplain for the Seattle Mariners

"This book will help parents, coaches, and young athletes form a biblical perspective on the games they play."
Ted Kluck, author, Robert Griffin III: Athlete, Leader, Believer; coauthor, Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion

"A biblical and insightful playbook for anyone who loves to play or watch sports."
C. J. Mahaney, Senior Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church, Louisville, Kentucky