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Godsight: Renewing the Eyes of Our Hearts

By Lael F. Arrington

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Format: Paperback

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Godsight: Renewing the Eyes of Our Hearts

By Lael F. Arrington

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Overcoming the Seduction of Our Imaginations

By nature, we desire what we can see-a nicer car, a bigger house, a dream vacation-but God offers us so much more. He invites us to imagine, with the eyes of our hearts, the surpassingly joyful reality of his life and Kingdom. He wants us to see him in all his glory, and he grows our vision for him when we seek him with all our hearts.

Lael Arrington shows readers that we need a refreshed, renewed imagination for our journey with God. She shares her own story of how God moved her away from escaping into her own small stories and toward living in the reality of his story-from an inward, small-dream life to an outward, Kingdom-building life.


Lael F. Arrington

Lael Arrington (MA, University of Texas at Dallas) writes and speaks about the challenge to live for God's kingdom in today's culture. She is the author of several books and has been featured in magazines and on many radio and television programs. Arrington was a cohost of a weekly talk radio program, The Things That Matter Most, for almost five years, interviewing guests such as Dallas Willard and Deepak Chopra. She and her husband, Jack, reside in South Carolina.

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Format: Paperback
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Published: June 30, 2005


"Godsight is a peek into the heart and mind of a woman who just might change the way you feel and think about your journey with God. She tells the story of the transformation of her intellectual, theological relationship with God into an utter delight-centered one in a winsome way and weaves it with solid teaching and stunning insights."
Lindsey O'Connor, journalist, author of If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

"Lael Arrington's insightful new book encourages readers to see the wonder of God anew. As you read Godsight, you'll find your passion for the Lord renewed and your vision cleaned off to better behold him."
Cheri Fuller, speaker, bestselling author of A Fresh Vision of Jesus

"As another woman in worldview ministry, it gave me deep joy to read a book that connected head and heart. It's a noisy book to read-I found myself chuckling from Lael's clever humor and then uttering 'Hmmm!' at yet another delightful insight. Godsight 'connects the dots' in a way that's satisfying to the intellect and the imagination."
Sue Bohlin, Associate Speaker, Probe Ministries

"Lael Arrington raises significant questions, dares to challenge our pre-existing view of who God is, reveals what authentic redemption looks like, and challenges us to develop Godsight, instead of humansight."
Carol Kent, speaker, author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

"Too many of us live as the main character in our made-up fantasies. Instead, Lael challenges us to stoke our imaginations with a much bigger drama."
Leslie Vernick, speaker, author of Getting Over the Blues: A Woman's Guide to Fighting Depression