Gospel-Centered Discipleship: Revised and Expanded

By Jonathan K. Dodson, Foreword by Matt Chandler

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Gospel-Centered Discipleship: Revised and Expanded

By Jonathan K. Dodson, Foreword by Matt Chandler

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A Gospel-Rich, Reproducible Model for Making Disciples as Jesus Intended

Biblical discipleship emphasizes encouragement, repentance, and spiritual growth—essential parts of the Christian life. However, well-meaning believers often struggle to follow Jesus, unaware their views are too legalistic, licentious, or individualistic. How can churches and Christians develop a healthy, successful path to disciple-making?

In this second edition of Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Jonathan Dodson presents an effective, Spirit-led model for sanctification. Reminding readers that real discipleship is imperfect yet transformational, Dodson encourages Christians to engage more authentically with others as they grow in faith. Drawing from his own failures and successes while following Jesus, Dodson defines discipleship, describes the heart of a disciple, and gives practical guidance for mentor and peer-based discipleship as Jesus intended.

  • Revised and Expanded: Includes three new chapters and new illustrations
  • Applicable: Shows how discipleship can be practical and gospel-centered
  • Theological: Addresses the Holy Spirit’s involvement in discipleship
  • Foreword by Matt Chandler: Author of The Explicit Gospel

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Jonathan K. Dodson

Jonathan K. Dodson is theologian-in-residence at Citizens Church in Plano, Texas. He is the founder of GCDiscipleship.com and the author of a number of books, including The Unbelievable Gospel; Here in Spirit; Our Good Crisis; and Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

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Published: March 08, 2022

Table of Contents

Foreword by Matt Chandler

Part 1: Defining Discipleship
Chapter 1: Making Disciples
Chapter 2: The Gospel Commission
Chapter 3: The Goal of Discipleship

Part 2: Getting to the Heart
Chapter 4: Twisted Motives
Chapter 5: Gospel Motivation
Chapter 6: Gospel Power

Part 3: Applying the Gospel
Chapter 7: Communal Discipleship
Chapter 8: Mentor Discipleship
Chapter 9: Peer Discipleship
Chapter 10: Discipleship Groups
Chapter 11: Gospel-Centered Culture

Appendix: Gospel-Centered Questions to Ask
General Index
Scripture Index


“In this tumultuous season of evangelicalism, we are in great danger of a kind of gospel amnesia—a dangerous assumption and even erosion of the precious substance of gospel-centrality. Jonathan Dodson is one of the original architects of the once-nascent gospel recovery movement and his Gospel-Centered Discipleship is a seminal text in our renewed understanding of how people change and how people grow in Christ. I’m excited about this new edition of such an important work, and I trust it will aid in our recentering and recalibrating around the amazingly powerful grace of God once again.”
Jared C. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Gospel-Driven Ministry

“Jonathan strips away a stagnant view of discipleship and replaces it with something so refreshingly honest and deep, you find yourself craving it. This book will redefine all of your relationships with depth and transparency and Christ-centeredness. This isn’t just God’s design for discipleship—it’s how we were designed to live. Jonathan just took discipleship from the spiritually elite to dorm rooms and neighborhoods and coffee shops.”
Jennie Allen, New York Times best-selling author, Get Out of Your Head; Founder, IF:Gathering

“With all of the talk of gospel-centeredness these days, I’m thankful to see Jonathan unpack this topic with a clear, compelling, Spirit-empowered approach. He goes beyond just answering the question What is gospel-centered? to help us see how the gospel of grace really works in the details of everyday life. His clarification of the unhealthy divide between evangelism and discipleship will bring about a more holistic approach to gospel-centered discipleship. I know Jonathan and respect the fact that these are not just concepts or theories, but truths coming out of the practice of his own disciple-making ministry. I trust that this book will serve to further advance the work of discipleship that has the gospel of grace as its foundation.”
Jeff Vanderstelt, Visionary Leader, Soma; Pastor, Doxa Church, Bellevue, Washington; author, Saturate

“For the longest time, I have been hoping to see two books on discipleship. The first would be a practical resource for churches that, on the one hand, was serious about the kind of discipleship and accountability that are necessary for Christian growth and yet, on the other hand, would put forth the gospel of grace, not legalistic self-improvement, as the key to change. The second book I’ve wished for is one that would situate the task of discipleship specifically within the missional calling of the church. I was thrilled to discover that Jonathan Dodson has managed to write both of these books in one. In Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Jonathan pulls together all these different themes—gospel, mission, discipleship, church, and Spirit—into an integrated whole. And quite honestly, I don’t know a better person for that task.”
Abraham Cho, Assistant Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York

“I am grateful for Jonathan Dodson’s book Gospel-Centered Discipleship. He masterfully took the truth and beauty of the gospel and pushed it into an area of Christendom that is typically performance driven. I came away from this book understanding how to think about discipleship in a new way. I also love that the book isn’t just theory; Dodson has clearly lived what he is teaching. The truth in this book has built my love for the Holy Spirit. It has challenged my thinking on community and discipleship. And it has effectively pushed my comprehension of the gospel to a new level.”
Jessica Thompson, author, Everyday Grace; coauthor, Give Them Grace

“If in your struggle against sin you’ve been beaten up by the duty-bound, legalistic, moralistic methods of contemporary discipleship or enslaved by the licentious approach to holiness by proponents of cheap grace, then Gospel-Centered Discipleship is for you! Jonathan Dodson calls us to join the fight against sin, legalism, and license by believing everything the gospel says about who God is for us in Christ, and how he is conforming us to the image of his Son. Read this book. Form a ‘discipleship group.’ And begin fighting sin for the glory of God and your joy in Christ.”
Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; author, Seven Dangers Facing Your Church