Heavenward: How Eternity Can Change Your Life on Earth

By Cameron Cole

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Heavenward: How Eternity Can Change Your Life on Earth

By Cameron Cole

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Exploring the Life-Changing Impact of Heavenly Mindedness

Though they’re destined for eternal glory, many Christians languish in earthly mindedness. Having never set their sights on things above, they lack hope in adversity and vibrancy in their faith. Where can believers find joy and inspiration for everyday life? It’s in the already-and-not-yet reality of heaven. 

Following the unexpected loss of his firstborn child, pastor Cameron Cole’s daily focus shifted drastically heavenward. He discovered that an intentional eternal mindset can bring meaning and joy to every Christian’s life. In this heartfelt, theologically rich book, Cole draws from his personal story of grief, the apostle Paul’s letters, and the examples of believers throughout history to demonstrate how heavenly mindedness fosters contentment, hope in suffering, motivation for missions and evangelism, commitment to morality and ethics, and no fear in death.

  • Informative and Captivating: Cole combines personal stories with a biblical theology of Paul’s letters about heaven
  • Offers Hope and Joy: A great resource for those who are grieving or need spiritual encouragement
  • Practical: Features a personal note at the end of each chapter that explains how to apply an eternal mindset

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Cameron Cole

Cameron Cole (MA, Wake Forest University) is the director of children, youth, and family at Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama, and the founder of Rooted, a ministry dedicated to fostering gospel-centered student ministry. He is the author of Therefore I Have Hope: 12 Truths That Comfort, Sustain, and Redeem in Tragedy, and the coeditor of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry and The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School.

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Published: April 16, 2024

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Beginning of the Heavenward Journey
Chapter 1: Paul and Heaven
Chapter 2: Heavenward
Part 2: Why Paul Was So Heavenward (And You Can Be Too!)
Chapter 3: The Arrival of Heaven: The Christ Event
Chapter 4: The Entrance to Heaven: Conversion
Chapter 5: The Communion of Heaven: Union with Christ
Chapter 6: The Vision of Heaven: Seeing Christ
Chapter 7: The Power of Heaven: The Holy Spirit
Part 3: The Fruit of a Heavenward Life
Chapter 8: The Fruit of Heavenward: Contentment
Chapter 9: The Transformation of Heavenward: Sanctification
Chapter 10: The Strength of Heavenward: Hope
Chapter 11: The Motivation of Heavenward: Service
Chapter 12: The Courage of Heavenward: No Fear in Death

Epilogue: Reunion
General Index
Scripture Index


“In this book Cameron Cole provides us with a framework for the spiritual practice of cultivating a heavenly imagination. When we are confronted with weariness and the sting of death, heaven breaks into our present reality. Through pain, we can access a deeper joy even now as we wait for that restoration that we will one day know in full. This is a courageous and vulnerable encouragement and offers us a way of wisdom through difficulty.”
Sandra McCracken, singer-songwriter

Heavenward drew me in because of Cameron Cole’s story. Who better to guide us through a studied, biblical understanding of eternity and how it affects our two o’clock on a Monday than one who has lost a child? I’m grateful for these sage words and the story behind them.”
Sara Hagerty, author, Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet and Adore

“Cameron Cole invites readers to the heavenward life, and this book equips them for a journey of eschatological sanctification. He shows how looking upward in Christ helps humanize us and grants us resilient hope for times both good and bad. He writes as a fellow pilgrim of the transforming vision that he’s seen and longs to share.”
Michael Allen, John Dyer Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“‘The end defines the story.’ These profound words capture the essence of Cameron Cole’s life-giving wisdom and insight in Heavenward. It will help shed the earthly minded scales from your eyes and lift your gaze to see not only the promises of your future heavenly home but also the beautiful reality that heaven has already come to us through our union with Jesus. May it encourage your heart with the truth that the hope of tomorrow directly infuses hope into the realities of today.”
Sarah Walton, coauthor, He Gives More Grace; Hope When It Hurts; and Together Through the Storms

"This is a courageous and vulnerable encouragement and offers us a way of wisdom through difficulty.”

Sandra McCracken