Hope for Your Heart: Finding Strength in Life's Storms

By June Hunt

Hope for Your Heart

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Hope for Your Heart: Finding Strength in Life's Storms

By June Hunt

Hope is much more than a vague emotion—it has the power to change your life. Counselor June Hunt has built her ministry around helping others discover the power of hope. She writes: “The hope highlighted in the Bible has nothing to do with crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. Authentic biblical hope is a powerful, undergirding force—an anchor able to sustain us through the fiercest storms.” If you’re struggling to find hope in the storms of life, this book will show you how to chart a new course to calm waters. 


JUNE HUNT is founder of Hope for the Heart, a worldwide biblical counseling ministry, and hosts the award-winning radio program by the same name. Her numerous books include Seeing Yourself Through God’s EyesHealing the Hurting HeartBonding with Your Teen through Boundaries, and Hope for Your Heart.


“If your world seems to be spinning out of control into nightmarish chaos, June Hunt shows you where to find stability and safety in her excellent book. Filled with scripture, Hope for Your Heart gently guides readers to important anchors from God’s Word which inspire, refresh and instruct. Thank you, June!”
Joni Eareckson TadaFounder and CEO, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“It’s been said a person can live “’bout 40 days without food, seven days without water, eight minutes without air, but not a moment without hope.’ If you struggle with feeling hopeless, don’t wait another moment to find Hope For your Heart. It’s here…on every page!”
Zig Ziglar, author; motivational teacher; Chairman, Zig Ziglar Corporation

“June Hunt says, ‘There are no hopeless situations, only those who have grown hopeless.’ This book reveals how to restore hope that once seemed forever lost. With a quarter-century of life-changing counseling to her credit, June shows how to cling to the ironclad promises of God.”
Sam Johnson, U.S. Congressman, former Vietnam prisoner of war

“Hope is more than wishful thinking…more than deep desire. It’s a reality we can stake our lives on. June shows—step by step—how to have what the Bible calls the hope that does not disappoint us.”
Kay Cole James, Founder and President, The Gloucester Institute; Former Director of the U. S. Office of Personnel Management

“As a pastor I have noticed two responses to difficult times; survival or revival. Survivors hunker down and wish things were different. Revivers trust God and take action, spreading hope to others as they pursue the promises of God. June Hunt has always been a reviver, offering hope to thousands through her writings and radio ministry. In Hope for Your Heart, June reveals how anyone can be a reviver. Read this book and let the revival begin.”
Gary Brandenburg, Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Dallas, Texas

“June’s powerful teaching transcends cultural barriers, revealing the invincible power of God to transform lives. No matter who or where you are—and no matter where you’ve been—Hope for Your Heart shows how to anchor your life with biblical hope.”
Enkeledja Kumaraku, Founder, Director, and Host, "Radio 7" & "Media 7" Television, Albania

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