Life's Biggest Questions: What the Bible Says about the Things That Matter Most

By K. Erik Thoennes

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Life's Biggest Questions: What the Bible Says about the Things That Matter Most

By K. Erik Thoennes

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Since the beginning of time, people everywhere have asked the same questions: Does God exist? Is there life after death? What is the meaning of life? The superabundance of these invariable questions, asked over and over, leads us to believe that there just might be answers to be found. Professor Erik Thoennes knows the importance of questioning the fundamental things that we all wonder about. If you aren’t really sure what to believe, or if you’ve been sure of the answers for a long time but want to solidify the foundation of your faith, this concise book takes seriously the inquiries of the ages and leads us all to investigate the truth for ourselves.


K. Erik Thoennes

Erik Thoennes (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is professor and department chair of biblical and theological studies at Biola University and a pastor at Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada, California. Previously he taught at Wheaton College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the author of numerous articles and several books. Erik lives with his wife, Donna, and their four children.

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“Dr. Thoennes is a masterful teacher. With biblical precision and profound understanding, he comes to grips with the most often asked questions about the gospel. The beauty of following Christ comes through with such clarity that the reader will want to fall in love with Jesus all over again.”
Robert E. Coleman, Distinguished Senior Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“Helpful, concise, accessible: this book will provide clarity and conviction for those looking for answers to the big questions.”
Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois; President, God Centered Life Ministries

“In clear, insightful and relevant ways Thoennes tackles some of life’s most bewildering questions. His treatment of the perennial dilemmas that have plagued inquisitive minds avoids easy clichés and unrealistic answers. Thoennes artfully and biblically turns the question marks of sincere seekers into exclamation points that undergird life with confidence and certainty. This book is a one of a kind resource among similar books that are either too light and unrealistic or too heavy to get our heads around. As such, it is a welcome arrival and an important read—the kind of book that you are happy to share with a friend!”
Joseph M. Stowell, President, Cornerstone University; author, The Upside of Down and Redefining Leadership

“Socrates’ well-known statement, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living,’ is an entirely appropriate start to Life's Biggest Questions. Stepping outside of one’s day-to-day existence to reflect on the big-picture questions is understandable and commendable. This book clearly, concisely, and thoughtfully presents answers from an evangelical Christian perspective. Thoennes is not only able to articulate Christian theology and history, but also help readers think through the implications for their own lives.”
Heather Campbell, Vice President, Atheist Coalition of San Diego

“A concise and engaging introduction to the core beliefs of the Christian faith that would be helpful both to followers of Christ and those who are investigating the Christian faith and want to understand what Christians believe. Not only does Thoennes show how these beliefs are rooted in Scripture but he also helps us see how they practically relate to the Christian life.”
Keith Johnson, Director, Theological Education and Development, Campus Crusade for Christ

“A thorough and accessible introduction to what Christians believe and why we believe it. Thoennes encourages believers and non-believers alike to examine their assumptions in light of biblical truth and to consider the life-altering implications of their beliefs. Life’s Biggest Questions is an encouraging, pastoral introduction to Christianity. Thoennes makes the case that all Christians—from the seminary student to the homemaker—will benefit from the study of theology, and that our lives are profoundly affected by a true knowledge of God. Reading this book has been an encouragement to my faith—bolstering and clarifying my understanding of truth and deepening my appreciation of God and his beautiful work of redemption. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter illustrate the practical significance of theology and will lead readers to fruitful examination of their beliefs and helpful applications of doctrinal truths. Small groups, churches, and individuals will benefit from Thoennes’ pastoral invitation to engage with the most important questions in life.”
Laura Rosenkranz, homemaker; educator

“It is refreshing to see a book that addresses our deepest concerns from a distinctively theological perspective. Professor Thoennes is a master communicator, and Life's Biggest Questions is marked by an accessible, interesting style. The book is filled with content and distinctively characterized by repeated examples of practical application. It is a fun read and would make an excellent text for a course in theology or Christian worldview.”
J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; author, The God Question

“This splendid book provides clear and concise answers to life’s greatest questions. It is a perfect volume for intelligent truth seekers and Christians who want to build a firmer biblical foundation for their faith.”
Lyle W. Dorsett, Director Emeritus, Marion E. Wade Center; Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism Emeritus, Beeson Divinity School; author, And God Came In and Seeking the Secret Place

“People without questions may have deluded themselves into thinking they have all the answers. Being finite and fallen should awaken curiosity in the heart of any honest person. Thoennes does more than encourage the asking of questions. He directs readers to the Scriptures as a source of answers both wise and good. Furthermore, he cultivates curiosities to morph into questions that ripen into the rich fruit of wonder, awe, and eventually worship. I know this, because he is my friend. My life has been encouraged by his personal counsel as well as by this book.”
Jerry Root, Associate Professor of Evangelism and Leadership, Wheaton College; coauthor, The Sacrament of Evangelism; Associate Director, Institute for Strategic Evangelism, Wheaton College

“This is an easy read about profound truths. Thoennes’ book is bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. He writes with elegant simplicity about biblical doctrine, with clear conceptualization and user-friendly prose concerning the basic doctrines of the Scriptures. Thoennes’ trustworthy, sturdy, and receptor-oriented writing puts the nourishment of the Word within the reader’s reach. It is a joy to think after him. Since our spirituality and relationship with God flows directly from our theology and our beliefs about God, Thoennes’ work will be of interest to anyone looking for a basic biblical foundation for soulcare and spiritual formation work.”
Betsy A. Barber, Director, Center for Spiritual Renewal, Biola University; Associate Director, Institute for Spiritual Formation, Talbot School of Theology

“I can't think of anybody better suited to explain the mysteries of the universe than Erik Thoennes. Life's Biggest Questions is a compelling read.”
Mark Joseph, author, Faith, God & Rock 'n' Roll; Columnist, The Huffington Post