Not Home Yet: How the Renewal of the Earth Fits into God's Plan for the World

By Ian K. Smith

Not Home Yet

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Not Home Yet: How the Renewal of the Earth Fits into God's Plan for the World

By Ian K. Smith

Christians often view heaven as their “future home”—but God’s plan is actually to live forever with his people on a renewed earth. Beginning with the creation of the heavens and earth and ending with the awe-inspiring picture of the New Jerusalem descending to earth, the storyline of Scripture reveals God’s commitment to the physical world. What’s more, an understanding of God’s commitment to renew and restore this earth connects what Christians learn on Sunday mornings with what happens the rest of the week, infusing all good earthly endeavors with dignity, meaning, and significance. This anticipation of God’s cosmic renewal has the power to shape the mission of the church as God’s people discover eternal purpose in the seemingly “earthly” and “unspiritual” facets of everyday life.


Ian K. Smith is the principal of Christ College, Sydney, where he also teaches Greek and New Testament. He has also served in parish ministry and as a missionary in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. He speaks regularly at churches, conferences, and other venues.

Table of Contents:


1. The Creation of Home

2. The Problem with Home

3. Cleaning Up Home

4. A Place God Calls Home

5. An Expanded Home: From the Land to the Earth

6. The Promise of a Better Home

7. On the Way Home

8. God’s Kingdom, God’s Home

9. The Journey Home: Death and Resurrection

10. An Expanded Home: To the Ends of the Earth

11. Away from the Body, at Home with the Lord

12. Arrival at Home: New Heavens and New Earth



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Published: August 06, 2019