Old Made New: A Guide to the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

By Greg Lanier

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Old Made New: A Guide to the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

By Greg Lanier

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Greg Lanier Presents a Simple Method for Studying Old Testament Citations in the New Testament

Many Bible readers have difficulty understanding the Old Testament’s connection to the New Testament, and some even believe it’s obsolete in light of God’s new covenant. In reality, New Testament writers alluded to earlier books of the Bible roughly 300­–400 times. The Old Testament isn’t outdated; it’s critical to understanding the rest of Scripture. 

In Old Made New, Greg Lanier explains how New Testament authors used the Old Testament to communicate the gospel and present the person and work of Jesus. He also explains what the Old Testament teaches Christians today about the church’s identity and ethics. Writing for a broad range of readers, Lanier distills thorough research into simple, descriptive examples and tips. His 3-step method explains how to identify and explore an Old Testament passage and see how it’s “remixed” in the New Testament to thoughtfully engage with Scripture.

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  • Accessibly Written: Clear language and easy-to-follow methods make this resource helpful for laypeople, Sunday school leaders, and students
  • Effective Bible Study Method: Includes the most recent research on Old Testament references in the New Testament, complete with a simple 3-step study plan to help readers apply it
  • Comprehensive: Tables, worksheets, case studies, and notes guide readers through exciting, thorough Scripture study
  • Appendices Included: Features the most agreed-upon citations, quotations, and allusions to the Old Testament in the New Testament, along with a Bible reading plan 

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Greg Lanier

Greg Lanier (PhD, University of Cambridge) is associate professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He also serves as associate pastor of River Oaks Church (PCA). He has published multiple books and scholarly articles on early Christology, the Gospels, the Septuagint, and other topics. Greg and his wife, Kate, live in Florida with their three daughters.

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Published: April 12, 2022

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Chapter 1: Tools of the Trade
Chapter 2: The Old Testament and the Gospel
Chapter 3: The Old Testament and Jesus Christ
Chapter 4: The Old Testament and the Church

Appendix: Inventory of New Testament Uses of the Old Testament
General Index
Scripture Index


“Here’s a book that doesn’t just tell you how to rightly interpret the Bible; it shows you with example after example of how to read and compare Old Testament texts to their citations or allusions in the New Testament in a way that will lead to insight and understanding. Not only is this a book worthy of working through to develop skills for use in the text, but this is also a book I will pull off the shelf again and again to reference whenever I see an Old Testament quote or allusion arise in a New Testament text.”
Nancy Guthrie, author; Bible teacher

“Greg Lanier has produced a fine, accessible manual on the apostles’ use of the Old Testament. Old Made New wisely instructs the reader through the maze of inner-biblical exegesis. New Testament authors carefully draw from the Old Testament to signal the fulfillment of the Bible’s story in Christ and his people.”
Benjamin L. Gladd, Executive Director, Carson Center for Theological Renewal; series editor, Essential Studies in Biblical Theology

“The use of the Old Testament in the New Testament is one of the most exciting and productive aspects of the interpretation of Scripture. Yet, it is undoubtedly one of the most challenging for the lay student of the Bible. In Old Made New, Greg Lanier breaks down a complex subject into its essential elements resulting in a one-of-a-kind, user-friendly exegetical and theological guide. The avid student of Scripture will benefit from a clear, jargon-free explanation of the method—including examples—and from rich theological insights that will enable a deeper understanding of the most common ways the authors of the New Testament use the Old Testament. From pastors to people in the pews, this book will be received with much excitement.”
Mateus F. de Campos, Academic Dean and Assistant Professor of New Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; author, Resisting Jesus

“Exciting advances and discoveries have marked the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament in recent years. Unfortunately, most of these studies are technical and not accessible to ordinary readers. Greg Lanier has now bridged the gap with this remarkably clear and useful study, showing us with multiple examples how New Testament writers appropriated the Old Testament. As readers we are also given illuminating studies on the gospel, Christology, and the church.”
Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Greg Lanier’s goal with this book is to entice modern readers to read the New Testament in light of the Old. This is a tricky wood where many of us without a skilled and understanding guide might lose our way or perhaps find the going so tedious that we run away screaming and never return. But Greg is a teacher as well as a scholar. He is sensitive to his reader’s need for clarity and encouragement, and he brings both to the table. His guidance is not only insightful, it is reproducible. A reader armed with this book will gain the confidence to enter this wood himself. At the same time, Greg takes us to a height from which, surveying the whole wood, we are able to marvel at how both Testaments are wonderfully woven together.”
Randall R. Greenwald, Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Oviedo, Florida; author, Something Worth Living For