Proclaiming Christ in a Pluralistic Age: The 1978 Lectures

By J. I. Packer

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Proclaiming Christ in a Pluralistic Age: The 1978 Lectures

By J. I. Packer

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5 Classic Lectures from J. I. Packer Defending the Truth of the Gospel against Humanism, Universalism, and More

Christians today confront complex opposition to the gospel from intellectuals, skeptics, and pluralists who deny the divinity of Christ. But these are not new issues; the first-century church encountered similar challenges to their faith. How did the apostle Paul address these questions and doubts to effectively spread God’s word?

In these never-before-published lectures, originally given at Reformed Bible College and Moore College in 1978, renowned theologian J. I. Packer tackles common objections to Christianity—including secular humanism, pluralism, and universalism. By studying the evangelistic efforts of Paul and the early church, Packer skillfully preaches the glory of Christ crucified and helps students, pastors, and believers share their faith in an age of skepticism.

  • 5 Vintage Lectures: Covering topics including Jesus’s humanity and divinity, substitutionary atonement, and the truth of Christ’s resurrection
  • A Great Resource for Pastors and Thoughtful Christians: Provides gospel-centered answers to different worldviews including universalism, secular humanism, and pluralism
  • From J. I. Packer: Prolific theologian and bestselling author of Knowing God


J. I. Packer

J. I. Packer (1926–2020) served as the Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology at Regent College. He authored numerous books, including the classic bestseller Knowing God. Packer also served as general editor for the English Standard Version Bible and as theological editor for the ESV Study Bible.

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Table of Contents

Publisher’s Preface

Chapter 1: We’ve a Story to Tell: We Preach Christ Crucified
Chapter 2: The Man Christ Jesus: The Humanity of Jesus Christ
Chapter 3: He Emptied Himself: The Divinity of Jesus Christ
Chapter 4: A Wonderful Exchange: The Work of Jesus Christ
Chapter 5: No Other Name: The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ