Rediscover Church Study Guide: Why the Body of Christ Is Essential

By Jonathan Leeman, Collin Hansen, With Megan Hill

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Rediscover Church Study Guide: Why the Body of Christ Is Essential

By Jonathan Leeman, Collin Hansen, With Megan Hill

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A Companion Study Guide to Rediscover Church, Great for Small Groups, Sunday School Classes, and Entire Congregations

With the COVID-19 pandemic, changing priorities, and polarizing political and social issues, many people are now choosing to worship online—or quit church altogether. Some are asking, Does God care whether I attend church at home or in person—or at all?

Over the course of 9 lessons, this companion to the book Rediscover Church emphasizes the significance of face-to-face fellowship with the family of Christ. Through guided study, Bible passages, and discussion questions, readers will find help to reengage with their local church.

Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition and 9Marks.

  • Encouraging and Timely: A helpful reminder of the importance of the local church and why it’s important to attend in person
  • A Thought-Provoking Study: Each chapter includes personal reflection questions, Bible passages, and quotes from the book
  • A Wide Variety of Uses: Perfect for Bible study groups, discipleship groups, Sunday school classes, and whole congregations

Study Guide FAQ


Jonathan Leeman

Jonathan Leeman (PhD, University of Wales) is the editorial director for 9Marks and cohost of the Pastors’ Talk podcast. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books and teaches at several seminaries. Jonathan lives with his wife and four daughters in a suburb of Washington, DC, and is an elder at Cheverly Baptist Church. You can follow him on Twitter at @jonathanleeman.

Collin Hansen

Collin Hansen (MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is the vice president of content and editor in chief for the Gospel Coalition and the Executive Director of The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics. He hosts the Gospelbound podcast and coauthored Gospelbound: Living with Resolute Hope in an Anxious Age. He serves as an elder for Redeemer Community Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and also on the advisory board of Beeson Divinity School. You can follow him on Twitter at @collinhansen.

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Published: December 07, 2021

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is a Church?
Chapter 2: Who Can Belong to a Church?
Chapter 3: Do We Really Need to Gather?
Chapter 4: Why Are Preaching and Teaching Central?
Chapter 5: Is Joining Actually Necessary?
Chapter 6: Is Church Discipline Really Loving?
Chapter 7: How Do I Love Members Who Are Different?
Chapter 8: How Do We Love Outsiders?
Chapter 9: Who Leads?

Conclusion: You Don’t Get the Church You Want, but Something Better