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Reformed Systematic Theology: Volume 1: Revelation and God

By Joel R. Beeke, Paul M. Smalley

Reformed Systematic Theology

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Reformed Systematic Theology: Volume 1: Revelation and God

By Joel R. Beeke, Paul M. Smalley

The aim of systematic theology is to engage not only the head, but also the heart and hands. Only recently has the church compartmentalized these aspects of life—separating the academic discipline of theology from the spiritual disciplines of faith and obedience. This new multi-volume work brings together rigorous historical and theological scholarship with spiritual disciplines and practicality—characterized by a simple, accessible, comprehensive, Reformed, and experiential approach. In this volume, Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley explore the first 2 central themes of theology: revelation and God.


Joel R. Beeke (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) has written over one hundred books. He is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, a pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as the editor of Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, the editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books, the president of Inheritance Publishers, and vice president of the Dutch Reformed Translation Society.

Paul M. Smalley (ThM, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary) is faculty teaching assistant to Joel Beeke at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He previously served for twelve years as a pastor in the Baptist General Conference in the midwestern United States.


“Some people think Reformed theology is all about doctrine and has little to do with doxology. Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley have proved otherwise. Chapter after chapter of their Reformed Systematic Theology not only takes readers into the depths of our triune God, but also shows what these great truths have to do with the Christian life. C. S. Lewis once said he felt far closer to God while reading a rigorous piece of theology with a pencil in hand than he ever did reading the endless books on Christian living. No contemporary systematic theology will bring the reader to a greater understanding of how theology blossoms into doxology than this one. Prepare not only to have your mind renewed by a theology grounded in Scripture, but also to have your heart moved and warmed by a Reformed orthodoxy that is practical, meant to shape the character of every Christian and the worship of every church.”
Matthew Barrett, Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Executive Editor, Credo Magazine

“This book splendidly avoids turning systematic theology into something dry, dull, and merely theoretical. It declares without hesitation that the essential prerequisites for doing theology are repentance and regeneration. It is a delightful read because real-life, Christ-focused application permeates its pages. Beeke and Smalley recognize that true theology is a matter of both mind and heart, that intellectual knowledge is not enough unless it is inseparably joined to vital and experiential qualities. It is only God-centered theology, we are reminded, that will produce God-centered souls. The guiding assumption to which the authors are consistently committed is that to know the Lord is the aim of our whole lives, including our theologizing. The book is written from an unashamedly Reformed perspective, yet interacts with theologians from every phase of church history. Beeke and Smalley offer cogent answers to erroneous teaching, and their vigorous defense of biblical inerrancy, coupled with a rigorous response to objections, is much to be welcomed in today’s climate. This truly reflects the writers’ admirable confidence in the Word of God as the sole and sufficient basis for the entire theological enterprise.”
Jonathan F. Bayes, UK Director, Carey Outreach Ministries; Pastor, Stanton Lees Chapel, Derbyshire, England; author, Systematics for God’s Glory and The Weakness of the Law

“As is true of Beeke’s recently published work Reformed Preaching, the publication of his Reformed Systematic Theology in collaboration with his gifted assistant, Paul Smalley, is also the ripe fruit of his lifelong engagement as a preacher and as a teacher of preachers. Having been the beneficiary of both his preaching and his teaching, I can assure you that his Reformed experiential preaching and his insightful presentation of Reformed theology mutually reinforce each other. This is not a systematic theology written by an ivory-tower theologian, but rather by a seasoned preacher for whom the doctrines he expounds have become, by the grace of God, an experiential reality—or, as Luther puts it, for whom doctrine is heaven. Therefore, may God also use this work to equip another generation of preachers to proclaim Jesus Christ and him crucified as the sum and substance of divine revelation and Spirit-wrought experience.”
Bartel Elshout, Pastor, Heritage Reformed Congregation, Hull, Iowa; translator, The Christian’s Reasonable Service and The Christian’s Only Comfort in Life and Death

“Calm theological waters that have deep exegetical currents flow wonderfully through this accessible and highly practical systematic theology. Beeke and Smalley have written a work useful to the church at large that teaches Christians what they should believe and how they should love, but they have not sacrificed academic rigor to achieve these goals. This volume is therefore well worth the read and can benefit serious students of the Scriptures.”
J. V. Fesko, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Westminster Seminary California

“Joel Beeke has continued his decades-long service to Christ and his church by presenting us with his mature reflections on the nature of systematic theology. This text is fully reliable, well written, easily understood, and thoroughly researched. This first volume of four, on revelation and God, rightly sees theology as both an academic and spiritual discipline. Beeke grounds his systematic theology in exegetical and biblical theology. He uses his sharpened tools in historical theology to demonstrate doctrinal development and also applies his teaching to Christian experience. He is properly convinced that systematic theology should minister to the whole person. This first volume will undoubtedly be a blessing to the church, and I look forward to the following volumes!”
Richard C. Gamble, Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“Joel Beeke is a rare gift to the church, a noted Christian leader who combines the skills of a learned theologian, master teacher, noted historian, and yet also a caring pastor. Joined by Paul Smalley, this first volume of Reformed Systematic Theology, focusing upon revelation and God, is a virtual gold mine of biblical doctrine that is systematically arranged, carefully analyzed, historically scrutinized, and pastorally applied. I am not aware of another book quite like this invaluable work. This theological treasury is certain to become a timeless standard for years to come.”
Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries; Professor of Preaching, The Master’s Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“This account of the doctrines of revelation and of God, built on biblical exegesis, is rich in theological discussion and practical implications. It is very accessible and will be of interest to a wide readership. Beeke and Smalley are to be congratulated, and I look forward to further volumes in the future.”
Robert Letham, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Union School of Theology

“‘Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!’ This expression of praise from Paul’s great doxology is a fitting response to reading this wonderful work of doctrine and devotion. Though the Reformed faith is often caricatured as merely intellectual, this work demonstrates that Reformed theology is also profoundly experiential, as no chapter fails to move from theology to doxology. This resource will instruct the mind and inflame the heart. I highly recommend it and eagerly anticipate the forthcoming volumes.”
John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California; President, The Master’s Seminary; Chancellor, The Master’s University

“Although many excellent books on systematic theology have been published in recent years, this new contribution by Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley covers the range of biblical truth in a fresh and unique way. While recognizing the importance of academic scholarship, they insist that what the church needs more than anything is ‘a theology that engages the head, heart, and hands.’ This series is written at a level suitable for a variety of readers, theological instructors, students, pastors, elders, and others who desire to grow in their understanding of the Bible. Unique is that each chapter includes a list of probing questions and exhortations to study the Word of God in a prayerful and worshipful spirit. This new systematic theology will be welcomed and appreciated by theologians and laypeople alike as a treasure trove of biblical and Reformed doctrine.”
Cornelis (Neil) Pronk, Emeritus Minister, Free Reformed Church, Brantford, Ontario

“This comprehensive exposition of biblical fundamentals is exactly the answer our generation needs to put our modern world back on the highway to God and to heaven. Right living and right thinking are only found when, as Calvin affirms, ‘God is honored according to his own will.’ If we do not live according to the teaching of the Holy Bible, we are walking in darkness. However, the New Testament warns us to expect scornful contempt for God’s Word in these ‘last days.’ This comprehensively argued book faithfully exposes error and guides the reader in the God-honoring path to right living and eternal happiness. Few are the books in our day that fix our eye firmly on God and his truth. But here is one book that does just that. I commend it heartily as a God-honoring and life-changing volume of real biblical theology.”
Maurice Roberts, Former Editor, The Banner of Truth magazine; author, The Thought of God and The Mysteries of God

“Whether or not you are holding a physical book in your hand or reading these words from a screen, you are dealing with something weighty. In substance, this work is marked by thoughtful organization, humble investigation, reflective exploration, careful distinction, gracious altercation, and practical application. The authors engage with the Word of God, conscious of those who have loved (and several who have loathed) God and his truth across the centuries. They show integrity and demonstrate clarity in addressing each topic, and honesty and humility in dealing with differences and difficulties. Distinctive in its convictions, this work helps us to understand and appreciate the authors’ conclusions while sharpening and clarifying our own. In style, the language and approach are that of conviction and affection, even devotion. Carefully and clearly, but warmly, Beeke and Smalley provide a treatment that is typically satisfying, often spiritually sustaining, even genuinely thrilling. You will understand and feel the force of what they say and why they say it, even if you do not embrace every nuance of it. In spirit, they aim at and achieve something rare in books of this kind. These chapters breathe an atmosphere of true religion—religion accurately and profoundly known, deeply and earnestly felt. There is a constant and effective effort to yoke faith and life, a practical and pastoral edge that runs through the whole. Here you will find doctrine not just for learning but for doing. This is the truest kind of knowing. But there is more than that. Here is truth presented to make you think, pray, and sing. This is theology functioning as it ought to function—calling us to worship. You will not need to agree with the authors at every point to believe and to hope that this, and its sister volumes, will serve Christ’s church well in our generation and for generations to come.”
Jeremy Walker, Pastor, Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley, United Kingdom; author, Life in Christ; Anchored in Grace; and A Face Like a Flint

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Prolegomena: Introduction to Theology and the Doctrine of Revelation

Section A: Introduction to Theology

1. What Is Theology? Part 1: An Academic Discipline

2. What Is Theology? Part 2: A Spiritual Discipline

3. Who Does Theology? Where? When?

4. Which Theology Do We Do? Part 1: Christian, Catholic, Evangelical

5. Which Theology Do We Do? Part 2: Reformed

6. Which Theology Do We Do? Part 3: Polemical and Experiential

7. Why Do We Do Theology?

8. How Do We Do Theology? Part 1: Spiritual Dynamics

9. How Do We Do Theology? Part 2: Academic Methods

Section B: The Doctrine of Revelation

10. Theological Fundamentals of Divine Revelation

11. General Revelation, Part 1: Biblical Teaching

12. General Revelation, Part 2: Philosophy and Science

13. General Revelation, Part 3: Natural Theology and Theistic Arguments

Excursus: Some Historical Perspective on Natural Theology and Theistic Proofs

14. Special Revelation: Biblical Teaching

15. Errors Regarding Special Revelation, Part 1: Romanism and Liberalism

16. Errors Regarding Special Revelation, Part 2: Liberalism’s Offspring

17. The Bible as the Word of God

18. The Properties of the Written Word, Part 1: Authority and Clarity

19. The Properties of the Written Word, Part 2: Necessity, Unity, and Efficacy

20. The Properties of the Written Word, Part 3: Inerrant Veracity

21. The Properties of the Written Word, Part 4: Objections to Inerrancy

22. The Properties of the Written Word, Part 5: Sufficiency

23. The Cessation of Special Revelation, Part 1: Charismatic Continuationism

24. The Cessation of Special Revelation, Part 2: Prophecy Today

25. Applied Revelation for Practical Fruit

Part 2: Theology Proper: The Doctrine of God

Section A: The Doctrine of God’s Triune Glory

26. Introduction: The True Knowledge of God

27. Introduction to God’s Nature and Attributes, Part 1: Biblical Teaching

28. Introduction to God’s Nature and Attributes, Part 2: Theological Questions

29. The Name of “the Lord” (YHWH)

30. The Holiness of the Lord

31. Gods That Are Not God

32. God’s Spirituality

33. God’s Simplicity: “The Lord Our God Is One Lord”

34. God’s Infinity, Incomprehensibility, Aseity, and Immensity

35. God’s Eternity: Infinity with Respect to Time

Excursus: Problems of Time and Eternity

36. God’s Immutability, Part 1: Biblical Teaching

37. God’s Immutability, Part 2: Theological Questions

38. God’s Knowledge, Part 1: Omniscience and Wisdom

38. God’s Knowledge, Part 2: Foreknowledge

40. God’s Sovereignty: An Introduction to Omnipotence

41. God’s Moral Excellence, Part 1: Goodness and Love

42. God’s Moral Excellence, Part 2: Truth and Righteousness

43. God’s Moral Excellence, Part 3: Jealousy, Impassibility, and Joy

44. God’s Moral Excellence, Part 4: Wrath and Compassion

45. The Trinity, Part 1: Biblical Teaching

46. The Trinity, Part 2: Historical Development

47. The Trinity, Part 3: Theological and Practical Considerations

Section B: The Doctrine of God’s Sovereign Purpose

48. The Decree of God: General Considerations

49. Predestination, Part 1: Election and Reprobation

50. Predestination, Part 2: Historical Development through Reformed Orthodoxy

51. Predestination, Part 3: Questions and Uses

52. God’s Providence, Part 1: Biblical Teaching

53. God’s Providence, Part 2: Problems and Applications

Section C: The Doctrine of Angels and Demons

54. The Holy Angels of God

55. Satan and the Demons


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