Science and Grace: God's Reign in the Natural Sciences

By Tim Morris, Don Petcher

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Science and Grace: God's Reign in the Natural Sciences

By Tim Morris, Don Petcher

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Jesus Christ is Lord of creation and Christians are called to bear witness to his glory and faithfulness in all things. Yet in recent years, science and Christianity have often been considered two distinct types of knowledge, each self-contained-the truth of one doing nothing to the validity of the other. We are now living in a time of transition from a modern to a postmodern cultural context, and how exactly Christianity and science will influence and be influenced by this transition is yet to be seen.

In this transition, the divide that seemed to exist between these two branches of knowledge appears to be crumbling and an apparent "war" between science and Christian theology has started-with many on both sides insisting that a high regard of the one automatically translates into a low regard for the other. More and more the developments of science appear to challenge the basic beliefs of Christianity. Has science gotten off track? Does Christian theology need to be corrected by science? Is there such a thing as a Christian science or is science just science? The shift in our cultural backdrop now provides a valuable opportunity for Christians to examine these questions and to reassess the way we have come to frame science and religion issues.

While many books address science and faith issues, Science and Grace uniquely offers wisdom for Christians who desire to refine their perspective on science so that critical analysis of the scientific pronouncements of our day as well as thankful appreciation for scientific endeavor spring naturally from their Christian worldview. Authors Tim Morris and Don Petcher help readers to develop a "theology of science" that utilizes specifically Christian convictions about God's faithfulness to his creation. This "theology of science" encourages Christians to be actively and confidently involved in science itself as well as in the current discussions about the status of science in our culture, thus bearing witness to God's reign even in the natural sciences.


Tim Morris

Tim Morris is a Professor of Biology and Dean of Science at Covenant College.

Don Petcher

Don Petcher is a Professor of Physics and Department Chair at Covenant College. Together Tim Morris and Petcher teach a course at Covenant College called Science in Perspective, which won an award in the John Templeton Foundation Science and Religion Course Program. They were also participants in the Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Christianity.

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Published: January 31, 2003


"Morris and Petcher have written an original, interesting, and well-researched book that should be helpful to many readers, especially those who want to deepen their understanding of science and the Reformed tradition."
Edward B. Davis, Distinguished Professor of the History of Science, Messiah College

"A thoughtful and inspiring call to action. Even though the relationship between science and faith is controversial, the work of the sciences is too important for evangelicals to leave it to others. Although it means taking risks, Morris and Petcher show how Christian involvement in the sciences can be a wholehearted outworking of a love for Christ and a concern for His glory."
Bill Davis, Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Department Chair, Covenant College

"Rather than falling into the common trap of saying only what Christians should reject, this book moves from destruction to construction. Here we find fresh insights into matters of prolegomena dealing with science and Christian belief. . . . What surfaces is a wonderful tapestry of creation viewed from a Trinitarian perspective that informs the handling of such issues as method, knowledge, nature, grace, the kingdom, and the promise of the whole scientific enterprise. Morris and Petcher present a positive path for the faithful scientific servant."
Kelly M. Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College; author, You’re Only Human

"This is an extraordinarily important book filled with "paradigm-shifting" ideas. The authors break new ground in showing how Christians can come to terms with both Modernism and Postmodernism. Showing how Kuyper, Dooyeweerd, and other worldview thinkers anticipated the 'paradigm' thinking that characterizes Postmodernism-which, in turn, can be appropriated by Christians today-is brilliant. Morris and Petcher write about complex issues in a remarkably clear and engaging way."
Gene Edward Veith Jr., author, Loving God with All Your Mind and Post-Christian