Sing a New Song: A Woman's Guide to the Psalms

By Lydia Brownback

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Sing a New Song: A Woman's Guide to the Psalms

By Lydia Brownback

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Humans are relational, emotional beings—and nothing reveals this more beautifully than the book of Psalms. As the psalmists pour out their hearts to God, they uncover the multifaceted character of the Lord almighty and reveal his grace-filled plans for his people.

Sing a New Song offers a fresh look at the 150 psalms in the Bible, summarizing each psalm’s key themes, revealing how each fits in to both the Psalter as a whole and the rest of Scripture, and suggesting practical applications. Designed for use in personal study or in small groups, this book will invigorate your study of the book of Psalms and enable you to see the steadfast love and faithfulness of God reflected on every page.


Lydia Brownback

Lydia Brownback (MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary) is the author of several books, including the Flourish Bible Study series; Sing a New Song; and the On-the-Go Devotionals for women, and she is passionate about teaching God’s word.

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Published: August 13, 2019

Table of Contents

The Psalter, Book 1

Psalm 1: A Blessed Life

Psalm 2: Kiss the King

Psalm 3: Nothing to Fear

Psalm 4: A Cry for Help

Psalm 5: A Morning Prayer

Psalm 6: In Need of Mercy

Psalm 7: Safe in God

Psalm 8: Majesty

Psalm 9: Our Stronghold

Psalm 10: Asking God Why

Psalm 11: Secure Foundations

Psalm 12: Our Only Refuge

Psalm 13: Waiting

Psalm 14: The Heart of a Fool

Psalm 15: Portrait of a Disciple

Psalm 16: A Rich Inheritance

Psalm 17: The Apple of God’s Eye

Psalm 18: Our Great Deliverer

Psalm 19: God Wants to Be Known

Psalm 20: How Blessings Come

Psalm 21: God Answers Prayer

Psalm 22: Never Forsaken

Psalm 23: Our Shepherd

Psalm 24: Our Creator King

Psalm 25: Our Teacher

Psalm 26: Walking with the Lord

Psalm 27: The Lord Our Light

Psalm 28: Strength, Shield, and Shepherd

Psalm 29: Lord of the Storm

Psalm 30: Joy Comes with the Morning

Psalm 31: Abundant Goodness

Psalm 32: Set Free and Forgiven

Psalm 33: The Unfailing Love of God

Psalm 34: Taste and See

Psalm 35: A Prayer for Justice

Psalm 36: Love—Rejected or Embraced

Psalm 37: Fulfilled in God

Psalm 38: The Consequences of Sin

Psalm 39: Humility in Hard Times

Psalm 40: Wait for the Lord

Psalm 41: In Need of Healing

The Psalter, Book 2

Psalm 42: Longing for the Lord

Psalm 43: A Cry for Hope

Psalm 44: A Cry for Help

Psalm 45: A Love Song

Psalm 46: Mighty Fortress

Psalm 47: King of Joy

Psalm 48: City of God

Psalm 49: Fear Not!

Psalm 50: Pleasing God

Psalm 51: What True Repentance Looks Like

Psalm 52: Safe in God’s Care

Psalm 53: The Fate of Fools 

Psalm 54: Delivered from Every Trouble 

Psalm 55: Betrayal

Psalm 56: If God Is for Us

Psalm 57: The Blessing of Caves

Psalm 58: Evil Judged

Psalm 59: A Path through Injustice

Psalm 60: God’s Plans Will Prevail

Psalm 61: Safe in Our King

Psalm 62: Wait for the Lord

Psalm 63: Longing for God

Psalm 64: The Terrifying Tongue

Psalm 65: Irresistibly Drawn

Psalm 66: God’s Wondrous Works

Psalm 67: To Know God Is to Praise Him

Psalm 68: The Lord Triumphant

Psalm 69: Suffering Redeemed

Psalm 70: An Urgent Prayer

Psalm 71: Secure Forever

Psalm 72: A Good King

The Psalter, Book 3

Psalm 73: Where Contentment Is Found

Psalm 74: Never Forsaken

Psalm 75: Judgment Is Coming

Psalm 76: Mercy or Judgment

Psalm 77: Remember the Lord

Psalm 78: Our Faithful God

Psalm 79: How Long, O Lord?

Psalm 80: God’s Vine

Psalm 81: Listen and Love

Psalm 82: Justice Matters

Psalm 83: The God Who Conquers

Psalm 84: Longing for the Lord

Psalm 85: The Mercy of God

Psalm 86: God’s Unfailing Love

Psalm 87: Gathering In

Psalm 88: When the Way Is Dark

Psalm 89: A Royal Blessing

The Psalter, Book 4

Psalm 90: Redeeming the Time

Psalm 91: Shadow of the Almighty

Psalm 92: A Joyful Day

Psalm 93: The King of Creation

Psalm 94: Kept from All Evil

Psalm 95: Blessed Rest

Psalm 96: Come and Worship!

Psalm 97: God Most High

Psalm 98: Joy to the World

Psalm 99: Holy Is He!

Psalm 100: Come into His Presence

Psalm 101: Walking with God

Psalm 102: God Hears

Psalm 103: Remember God’s Benefits

Psalm 104: Majesty Made Known

Psalm 105: Remembering

Psalm 106: The Inexhaustible Goodness of God

The Psalter, Book 5

Psalm 107: God’s Steadfast Love

Psalm 108: Our Victory in God’s Hands

Psalm 109: Vindicated

Psalm 110: King of Kings

Psalm 111: Holy and Awesome Is His Name

Psalm 112: Well-Being for the Godly

Psalm 113: Out of the Ash Heap

Psalm 114: Tremble, O Earth!

Psalm 115: God Alone Is Lord

Psalm 116: The Love of God

Psalm 117: God’s Enduring Faithfulness

Psalm 118: God’s Enduring Love

Psalm 119: The Gift of God’s Word

Psalm 120: A Song for the Lonely

Psalm 121: God Our Helper

Psalm 122: Gathered Together

Psalm 123: Watching for Mercy

Psalm 124: God Sides with His People

Psalm 125: Surrounded by God

Psalm 126: Reaping Joy

Psalm 127: Prosperity Depends on the Lord

Psalm 128: Walking the Path of Blessing

Psalm 129: Righteousness Prevails

Psalm 130: Mercy

Psalm 131: A Picture of Humility

Psalm 132: God Fulfills His Promises

Psalm 133: A Shared Life

Psalm 134: In God’s House

Psalm 135: Bless the Lord!

Psalm 136: God’s Steadfast Love

Psalm 137: When Singing Hurts

Psalm 138: God Fulfills His Purposes for His People

Psalm 139: Known and Loved

Psalm 140: Delivered from Evil

Psalm 141: Love God and Hate Evil

Psalm 142: Known, Loved, and Delivered

Psalm 143: Safe on Level Ground

Psalm 144: Finishing Well

Psalm 145: Our Generous God

Psalm 146: Be Still and Know

Psalm 147: Our Great King

Psalm 148: Let Heaven and Nature Sing

Psalm 149: Sing a New Song

Psalm 150: Praise the Lord!

Appendix 1: Preparing a Group Study of Psalms

Appendix 2: Getting Real and Drawing Near

Appendix 3: Types and Categories


“What an exceptional book! First, its scope is different from other books in that it focuses exclusively on the psalms—all 150 of them. Second, its format is unique because the author presents each divinely inspired song with creative divisions such as ‘Musical Notes’ (how the psalm reveals God and his grace) and ‘Sing the Song’ (suggestions for personal application). If you’re a woman looking for a fresh approach to your reading of Scripture, you’ll find it in Lydia Brownback’s Sing a New Song.”
Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and John H. Powell Endowed Chair of Pastoral Ministry, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life; Praying the Bible; and Family Worship

“I'm grateful for this call to read the book of Psalms straight through! Lydia Brownback has distilled the various themes and offers great encouragement for readers to delve into the prayers and praises of God’s people given in his Word. How good to be reminded that the psalms speak into all the moments of our lives, giving us a song for each one.”
Kathleen Nielson, author; speaker

“Not only do we need to embrace our emotional side as humans, but as Christians we want to learn a vocabulary that can make our feelings for God be contagious to others. Enter the psalms. God not only gave us a whole book of Scripture for learning the language of the heart, he also made it the longest book of all. Join me in making it a daily habit to open your Bible first to Psalms each morning, and let Lydia Brownback help your reading and meditation stay true and go deep. Sing a New Song is a valuable companion for a lifelong journey through the ups and downs, joys and griefs, praises and laments of God’s own inspired book for the Christian’s heart.”
David Mathis, Senior Teacher and Executive Editor,; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Habits of Grace

“Lydia Brownback brings ‘the heart of the Old Testament’—the book of Psalms—to the hearts of her readers. If you desire to deepen your walk with the triune God of the Psalter, Brownback’s brilliant book will shed light on the brilliance of our Lord’s providential purposes for his people. It will inspire you to read and reread the psalms. To use them devotionally. Pray them. Sing them! See them as a mirror to your soul and a reflection of the greatness of our God.”
Douglas Sean O'Donnell, Senior Vice President of Bible Publishing, Crossway; author, Matthew and The Song of Solomon (Preaching the Word)

“Sisters in Christ, come journey through the book of Psalms and gaze afresh at our God of steadfast love and covenantal faithfulness. Lydia Brownback has given us an instructive, strengthening gift for heart and mind. Study the biblical text; discover the fulfillment of promises in the New Testament; bring your praise, laments, joys, and fears; pour out your heart, trusting his care and grace for us.”
Jane Patete, Former Coordinator of Women’s Ministry, The Presbyterian Church of America