Systematic Theology

By Robert Letham

Systematic Theology

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Systematic Theology

By Robert Letham

This comprehensive systematic theology by a respected theologian covers the whole field of Reformed Christian doctrine from biblical, historical, and theological angles. It seeks to provide a clear and concise articulation of the Reformed faith rooted in the historic creeds while addressing current issues such as feminism, charismatic gifts, sexual ethics, environmentalism, other religions, the nature of truth, and civil liberties. Intended to be used as a textbook, this single-volume systematic theology is well-suited for our world today, interacting not only with the biblical text but also with the history of Christian doctrine, current cultural challenges to the Bible’s teaching, and the daily experiences of regular Christians.


Robert Letham (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is professor of systematic and historical theology at Union School of Theology. A Presbyterian minister with twenty-five years of pastoral experience, he is the author of books such as The Work of Christ; The Holy Trinity; and Union with Christ, and a range of articles published in encyclopedias and journals.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Triune God       

1. The Revelation of God    

2. The Trinity: Biblical Basis  

3. The Trinity: Church Formulation            

4. The Trinity: Ongoing Questions           

5. The Attributes of God  

Part 2: The Word of God

6. The Doctrine of Scripture             

7. Scripture and Tradition                      

8. The Interpretation of Scripture        

Part 3: The Works of God

9. Creation    

10. Providence                                        

Part 4: The Image of God

11. Humanity in Creation    

12. Humanity in Covenant    

13. Humanity in Sin   

Part 5: The Covenant of God

14. Election and the Counsel of Redemption    

15. The Covenant of Grace         

Part 6: Christ, the Son of God   

16. Incarnation: Biblical Teaching    

17. Incarnation: Church Formulations     

18. Incarnation: Ongoing Questions   

19. Christ Our Great High Priest   

20. Christ Our King   

Part 7: The Spirit of God and the People of God

21. Union with Christ    

22. Salvation and the Church                        

23. The Beginning of the Christian Life: Regeneration and Effectual Calling  

24. The Beginning of the Christian Life: Justification

25. The Progress of the Christian Life: Adoption, Assurance, Sanctification   

26. The Progress of the Christian Life: The Lord’s Supper and Theōsis

27. The Church and Its Offices       

Part 8: The Ultimate Purposes of God    

28. The Future

29. The Parousia and the Resurrection    

30. The Final Judgment and Hell      

31. The Life of the World to Come   

Appendix 1:Main Interpretations of Genesis 1 and 2

Appendix 2: Historic Creeds


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