The Beginning of the Gospel: A Theology of Mark

By Peter Orr, Series edited by Thomas R. Schreiner, Brian S. Rosner

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The Beginning of the Gospel: A Theology of Mark

By Peter Orr, Series edited by Thomas R. Schreiner, Brian S. Rosner

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Understanding Mark in the Context of the Old and New Testaments

The book of Mark—the first and shortest Gospel written—serves as both a historical and theological account, connecting Jesus to the whole storyline of the Bible. Mark writes against the backdrop of the Old Testament and draws from other New Testament writers, specifically Peter and Paul, to articulate many themes that are found in the rest of the New Testament.

In this addition to the New Testament Theology series, scholar Peter Orr offers an accessible summary of the theology of Mark, examining its relationship to both the Old and New Testaments. Each chapter focuses on a key theological theme—the identity of Christ, the announcement of the kingdom, the call to follow, and more—and explains how it is relevant for the church today. 

  • Part of the New Testament Theology Series: Other volumes include The Joy of HearingThe Mission of the Triune God; and United to Christ, Walking in the Spirit
  • Ideal for Anyone Wanting to Study the Bible More Deeply: Perfect for pastors, seminarians, college students, and laypeople
  • Written by Peter Orr: New Testament lecturer and author of Fight for Your Pastor


Peter Orr

Peter Orr (PhD, University of Durham) is a New Testament lecturer at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of Exalted Above the Heavens: The Risen and Ascended Christ and a contributor to Theology Is for Preaching and Romans and the Legacy of St Paul. Orr and his wife, Emma, have four sons and are members at All Saints Petersham. 

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Table of Contents

Series Preface
Introduction: The Beginning of the Gospel: Mark as Backstory 

Chapter 1: Divine Identity: Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Chapter 2: Revelation: Written, Proclaimed, Received
Chapter 3: The Kingdom of God is at Hand: Jesus and the New Creation
Chapter 4: Repent and Believe the Gospel: Salvation through Jesus
Chapter 5: Follow Me: Being a Disciple of Jesus
Chapter 6: What Moses Commanded: Jesus, the Law, and the People of God
Chapter 7: Died, Buried, and Raised: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Epilogue: The End of the Beginning
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General Index
Scripture Index