The Biggest Story Bible Storybook

Large Format

By Kevin DeYoung, Illustrated by Don Clark

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Format: Printed Caseside

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The Biggest Story Bible Storybook

Large Format

By Kevin DeYoung, Illustrated by Don Clark

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Large, Illustrated Storybook Pairs 104 Engaging Bible Stories for Ages 6–12 from Kevin DeYoung with Artwork by Don Clark

The Bible is a BIG book about the BIGGEST story. Each page tells about the God who created the world, acted in history, and continues to act in the present. In The Biggest Story Bible Storybook, pastor Kevin DeYoung shares this grand story with children ages 6–12 through 104 short chapters. 

Beginning in Genesis and ending with Revelation, DeYoung provides engaging retellings of various Bible stories, explaining how they fit into the overarching storyline. Each reading is coupled with beautiful illustrations by award-winning artist Don Clark and concludes with a reflective prayer. This 10" x 14.25" edition fits each Bible story on a single page with large poster art on the opposite page, making it ideal for story time at home or in church.

  • Written by Kevin DeYoung and Illustrated by Don Clark: Creators of the bestselling companion book, The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden
  • Memorable Retellings of 104 Biblical Stories: Helps kids ages 6–12 learn the unified story of the Bible
  • Large Size: The 10" x 14.25" format features single-page Bible stories with vibrant artwork on the opposite page to engage children during story time or The Biggest Story lessons


Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung (PhD, University of Leicester) is the senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina, and associate professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte. He has written books for children, adults, and academics, including Just Do SomethingImpossible Christianity; and The Biggest Story Bible Storybook. Kevin’s work can be found on Kevin and his wife, Trisha, have nine children.


Don Clark

Don Clark is an artist and cofounder of Invisible Creature, a widely respected and award-winning design studio based in Seattle, Washington. He has worked with clients such as Target, Pixar, NASA, The New York Times, LEGO, and Apple. Don and his wife, Erika, have three children and live on a small farm just outside Seattle.

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Church Ministry
Format: Printed Caseside
Page Count: 232
Size: 10.0 in x 14.25 in
Weight: 63.4 ounces
ISBN-10: 1-4335-9810-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-9810-4
ISBN-UPC: 9781433598104
Case Quantity: 8
Published: September 24, 2024


“Families need the Bible more than ever. This A+ version for kids will capture their imaginations and call their hearts to the Father. And I’m confident The Biggest Story Bible Storybook will do the same for any parent who reads these beautifully illustrated pages out loud to their children.”
Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Founders, FamilyLife Today

“As parents, we want to teach our children about the Bible, but sometimes it’s intimidating to know where or how to begin. Kevin DeYoung’s new book The Biggest Story Bible Storybook is a wonderful way to introduce children to individual stories of the Bible while helping them grasp the main storyline of Scripture. It’s beautifully illustrated, fun to read, and will help parents teach big truths to young hearts.”
Melissa B. Kruger, author; Vice President of Discipleship Programming, The Gospel Coalition

“Magnificent. With typical clarity and verve, Kevin DeYoung captures the wonder of the greatest story ever told. My children are going to have a hard time reading it, though, because their dad will keep stealing it to read himself.”
Matt Smethurst, Lead Pastor, River City Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia; author, Before You Open Your Bible and Before You Share Your Faith

“Through rich, understandable narratives and striking illustrations, The Biggest Story Bible Storybook captures children with something even more beautiful than this book—the story of redemption. Kids are going to scoot in close to see and hear what’s next in this captivating retelling of Scripture. I know this will bless many families with a deeper understanding of the Bible.”
Emily Jensen, coauthor, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments; Cofounder and Content Director, Risen Motherhood

“The Bible tells a big story that may seem overwhelming for children. A parent or teacher like me might be tempted to tame lessons to familiar narratives and morals. In The Biggest Story Bible Storybook, Kevin DeYoung helps us to see that Scripture can be generously fed to children. The big story of Scripture is not too big for kids! DeYoung offers 104 spectacularly illustrated chapters that stretch from Genesis to Revelation. The book shines for its ability to transform meaty theological concepts into digestible milk children can recognize and enjoy. My children were eager to listen, laugh, and learn Bible stories that fit together to point us to Jesus!”
Nana Dolce, author, The Seed of the Woman: 30 Narratives That Point to Jesus

“Kevin DeYoung keeps our attention. This is high praise for a family of four boys ages five to fifteen. We love how he tells well-known stories in new yet faithful ways. The rare gems of this book, however, are the lesser-known stories. DeYoung does not skip the smaller stories in the Bible but carefully places each in the bigger story of God’s salvation. I am thankful for this addition to our picture Bible collection!”
Irene Sun, author, God Counts: Numbers in His Word and His World