The Dawning of Redemption: The Story of the Pentateuch and the Hope of the Gospel

By Ian J. Vaillancourt

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The Dawning of Redemption: The Story of the Pentateuch and the Hope of the Gospel

By Ian J. Vaillancourt

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An Accessible Introduction to the Pentateuch and Why It Matters for the Rest of the Biblical Story

When starting a new Bible-reading plan, many readers begin enthusiastically in Genesis but then lose momentum when they encounter the Old Testament laws and genealogies. But the Pentateuch—the first five books of the Bible—has much to offer today’s Christian; it is the foundation for understanding the rest of the Bible, pointing forward to the coming Savior, Jesus Christ, in profound ways. 

In this accessible book, Ian J. Vaillancourt offers readers a helpful introduction to the Pentateuch as the essential first act in the Bible’s grand story of redemption. The chapters cover the whole of Genesis through Deuteronomy, examining themes such as creation, salvation, genealogies, and biblical covenants. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions, making this book a useful resource for individuals or groups who are looking to dive deeper into biblical study. 

  • Ideal for the Thoughtful Christian: Written for those looking for tools on how to read the Bible as Christocentric, such as Bible students and laypeople looking to dive deeper into God’s word
  • Gospel Oriented: Written in light of gospel fulfillment in Christ and current applications for the church
  • For Individual or Group Study: Each chapter ends in discussion questions, perfect for individuals or groups who are looking to dive deeper into biblical study

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Ian J. Vaillancourt

Ian J. Vaillancourt (PhD, University of St. Michael’s College) is a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Heritage Theological Seminary. He is the author of The Multifaceted Saviour of Psalms 110 and 118: A Canonical Exegesis (2020 RBY Scott Award winner). He and his wife, Natalie, have two children and are members at West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario. 

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Published: November 01, 2022

Table of Contents

Introduction: Getting Oriented to Moses’s Book of Redemption

Chapter 1: Creation: The Theater of Redemption 
Chapter 2: Eden: The Promise of Redemption 
Chapter 3: Genealogy: The Lineage of Redemption 
Chapter 4: Covenant: The Guarantee of Redemption 
Chapter 5: Exodus: Redemption Accomplished (and Foreshadowed) 
Chapter 6: Torah: Living as the Redeemed 
Chapter 7: Tabernacle, Priesthood, and Sacrifice: Provisions for the Redeemed 
Chapter 8: Unbelief: Delay for the Redeemed 
Chapter 9: Blessings and Curses: Warning the Redeemed 

Conclusion: Take Up and Read! 
General Index
Scripture Index


“The Pentateuch seems forbidding and alien to many believers. But, Ian Vaillancourt has written a user-friendly introduction to the theology of the Pentateuch that will enable readers to get a big picture of the theology of the first five books of the Bible. He also shows in each chapter how the Pentateuch points forward to and is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Readers will see more clearly how the entire Bible fits together in this fine work.”
Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“You can’t make sense of a musical if you don’t hear the opening songs; you can’t make sense of a book if you don’t read the opening chapters; you can’t make sense of a trial if you don’t listen to the opening arguments; and in much the same way, you won’t ever make sense of the Bible if you don’t understand the themes of its opening books, the Pentateuch. What my friend Ian does so well in The Dawning of Redemption is introduce the major themes that begin at the beginning and extend all the way to the end. If you’ll read it, you won’t better understand just those five books, but also the sixty-one that follow. You’ll better understand the Pentateuch, to be sure, but also the entire Bible.”
Tim Challies, author, Seasons of Sorrow: The Pain of Loss and the Comfort of God

“An engaging, accessible entry into the five books that launch the story of the Bible. The Dawning of Redemption is sure to mobilize many in the church to dust off ‘Moses’s book’ and see in its pages the opening act of a beautiful story of redemption.”
Andrew Abernethy, Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College; author, Savoring Scripture

“This wonderful introduction to the first five books of the Bible—the book of Moses—is popular-level, easy to read, and extremely helpful in putting the storyline together so that modern-day readers can appreciate material that seems otherwise irrelevant by today’s standards. I wholeheartedly recommend this little volume to anyone interested in the Bible, whether as beginner or serious student. Readers will be assisted in understanding how these early parts of the Bible point forward to the coming of a redeemer, Jesus Christ.”
Peter J. Gentry, Senior Professor of Old Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Distinguished Visiting Professor of Old Testament and Senior Research Fellow of the Text and Canon Institute, Phoenix Seminary

“Affirming the Pentateuch as Moses’s book and as God’s living word, Vaillancourt shows how the Bible’s initial portrait of redemption foreshadows Christ’s person and saving work. The Dawning of Redemption overviews nine stages in the Bible’s opening story and at every point celebrates Christ as the climax of history, the substance of all shadows, and the bestower of restoration blessings. Vaillancourt rightly recognizes that the Pentateuch is Christian Scripture, and he clearly and faithfully invites new readers into the message of the Bible’s first five books.”
Jason S. DeRouchie, Research Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Content Developer and Global Trainer, Hands to the Plow Ministries