The Doctrines of Grace

The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel

By James Montgomery Boice, Philip Graham Ryken, Foreword by R. C. Sproul

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About The Doctrines of Grace

Two respected pastors make a compelling case for the need to recover the five fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.

We live in an age of weak theology and casual Christianity. And this situation will continue as long as God's people insist on substituting intuition for truth, feeling for belief, and immediate gratification for enduring hope.

Yet if evangelicalism will again denounce this self-centered faith and place Christ and his cross at the center of its vision, the church will see great days once more. According to authors James Montgomery Boice and Philip Graham Ryken, this will happen when believers specifically return to the gospel foundation with its doctrines of radical depravity, unconditional election, particular redemption, efficacious grace, and persevering grace.

As these two noted pastors provide a compelling exposition of these essential truths, they also consider the current challenges, leaving no doubt that the church suffers when the doctrines of grace are neglected. Only in a faith that is practical-minded, kindhearted, and Bible-based will Christians recover what they have lost in this postmodern age. Now in paperback.


JAMES MONTGOMERY BOICE was senior minister of the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for thirty years and a leading spokesman for the Reformed faith until his death in June 2000.

Philip Graham Ryken (PhD, University of Oxford) is the 8th president of Wheaton College and, prior to that, served as senior minister at Philadelphia’s historic Tenth Presbyterian Church. He has written or edited over 30 books, including the popular title Loving the Way Jesus Loves, and has lectured and taught at universities and seminaries worldwide. Dr. Ryken and his wife, Lisa, live in Wheaton and have five children.


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Published: April 30, 2009


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