The Family Life of a Christian Leader

By Ajith Fernando

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The Family Life of a Christian Leader

By Ajith Fernando

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Anyone involved in Christian ministry knows how challenging it is to balance ministry and family responsibilities. Many demands pull leaders in different directions—making it easy to neglect one or the other, often without even realizing it. Writing from decades of counseling and personal ministry experience, Ajith Fernando points Christian leaders back to the most important aspect of their lives: their relationship with God. He then offers practical guidance for responding to real-life situations in the home, including disciplining children, dealing with disappointment, loving one’s spouse, and pursuing joy. This book presents Christian leaders with a healthy and God-centered understanding of family that leads to a flourishing home.

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Ajith Fernando

Ajith Fernando (ThM, Fuller Theological Seminary) is the teaching director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka after serving as the ministry's national director for thirty-five years. He and his wife, Nelun, are active in a church ministering primarily to the urban poor, and his ministry includes counseling and mentoring younger staff and pastors. He is the author of twenty-one books published in twenty-four languages. Ajith lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with his wife, and they have two adult children and four grandchildren.

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“I know of no one in the Christian world more qualified to write on leadership at home than Ajith Fernando. His family is his witness. Moreover, I can think of no counsel more needed by the church today than what he says so humbly in this book.”
Robert E. Coleman, Distinguished Senior Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“Family life is never easy. This book, from a wise, experienced sage, can help you, regardless of your family situation. It rings with biblical authority and practical counsel, helping equip you to be the husband, wife, father, or mother God is calling you to be.”
Russell Moore, Editor in Chief, Christianity Today

“The strongest and most personal endorsement I can give for this book is that I need this. And I have a strong suspicion that you need this too. I first became aware of and in awe of Ajith’s ministry as a college student at Urbana 1990. I shared the stage with Ajith at the 2006 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering. And today it is one of my joys to be able to call Ajith a friend and to continue to be blessed by his passionate and practical biblical teaching.”
Michael Oh, CEO, Lausanne Movement

“Ajith Fernando has the uncommon ability to bring together biblical wisdom with practical insight for everyday life, and he brings that talent to bear in this highly readable book. I strongly recommend it. It is ideal not only for ordained and lay leaders, but also for those engaged in training for future church and parachurch leadership. I will definitely be using it with the students at the college where I serve.”
Matthew Pinson, President and Professor of Theology, Welch College

“Ajith Fernando has given us a gold mine of godly wisdom for sustaining a marriage and raising a family. Each chapter breathes out honest recognition of real-life problems, confident faith in the sufficiency of God’s grace, and hope-filled joy in pursuing a life that honors the Lord. Read it and you will be renewed in your resolve to glorify God in your marriage and family life.”
Colin Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard, Arlington Heights, Illinois; Founder and Bible Teacher, Open the Bible

“Ajith Fernando faithfully handles the truth of the Scriptures and humbly shares the wisdom of his experiences to encourage Christian leaders to carefully lead and love their families in a way that brings glory to God.”
Ed Stetzer, Dean, Talbot School of Theology

“It’s often the families and spouses of those in ministry who feel as though they are suffocating under the weight of missional calling. Ajith Fernando reminds us that God’s love breathes fresh air back into our lives as we serve him in the manner for which he made us. This book is both compelling and practical. It is biblically based, inspiring, and helpful in ways that will change the trajectory of ministry families around the globe.”
Dan Wolgemuth, President/CEO, Youth for Christ