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The Theology in Community series assembles teams of scholars to explore key theological themes and apply them to contemporary concerns. Each volume approaches a topic from the vantage points of the Old and New Testaments, and historical, systematic, and practical theology. The books draw upon a variety of contributors to craft a unified and accessible message. They aim to help pastors, church leaders, and laypersons alike.

Part of the Theology in Community series.


Christopher W. Morgan

Christopher W. Morgan (PhD, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary) is a professor of theology and the dean of the School of Christian Ministries at California Baptist University. He is the author or editor of over twenty books, including several volumes in the Theology in Community series.

Robert A. Peterson

Robert A. Peterson (PhD, Drew University) is a writer and theologian. He taught for many years at various theological seminaries and has written or edited over thirty books.

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Published: November 30, 2012

Table of Contents

1.  The Kingdoms of God: The Kingdom in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by Stephen J. Nichols
2.  The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament: Definitions and Story by Bruce K. Waltke
3.  The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament: The Covenants by Bruce K. Waltke
4.  The Kingdom of God in the New Testament: Matthew and Revelation by Robert W. Yarbrough
5.  The Kingdom of God in the New Testament:Mark through the Epistles by Robert W. Yarbrough
6.  The Kingdom, Miracles, Satan, and Demons by Clinton E. Arnold
7.  The Kingdom and the Church by Gregg R. Allison
8.  The Kingdom and Eschatology by Gerald Bray, Stephen J. Nichols
9.  The Kingdom Today by Anthony B. Bradley


“Jesus taught plainly and often about the kingdom—but explaining the full meaning of his words has occupied theologians for centuries. This volume captures the biblical perspective—not just Jesus’ words but the full scope of Scriptural insight—in a comprehensive, readable, and thorough fashion. God will use it to reveal insight about his kingdom and change your perspective on kingdom living.”
Jeff Iorg, President, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

“Morgan and Peterson have put together a collection that brings clarity and precision to an often blurry discussion. Like the other volumes in the Theology in Community series, it is biblically informed, theologically incisive, and pastorally sensitive. Those looking for a guide to understanding the significance of the kingdom—past, present, and future—will do well to consult The Kingdom of God.”
Stephen T. Um

“A timely and refreshing look at an oft neglected, misunderstood, but central doctrine of the Bible—The Kingdom of God will inspire, inform, and edify pastors, students, laymen, and scholars alike. This work charts a course between the Scylla of an over-spiritualized conception of the kingdom and the Charybdis of an over-realized understanding of the kingdom of God. It does so by following the contours of the Bible in its arrival at a relevant biblical understanding of the kingdom consistent with the best of the evangelical tradition. A must-have in the library of every serious student of the Bible!”
John D. Massey, Associate Professor of Missions, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The essays within provide a fresh and helpful assessment of the multifaceted meaning of the kingdom of God—from the Old Testament and the ancient covenants, to the New Testament and today’s Christians, and on to the consummation. For those in my generation captured by George Ladd’s ‘already/not yet’ understanding of God’s kingdom, this work is a noteworthy twenty-first-century expansion of how complex and important the kingdom theme is both for orthodoxy and for orthopraxy.”
Kendell Easley, Professor of Biblical Studies, Union University; author, The Illustrated Guide to Biblical History

“In this elegant volume, seven distinguished theologians wrestle with the big questions surrounding the biblical notion of kingdom—ultimately forging a path for the church where there is no inherent conflict between kingdom preaching and kingdom living, between orthodoxy and orthopraxy. As ambassadors of the king, God’s people proclaim the kingdom and embody God’s rule in every dimension of society and culture, and across the fabric of human life.”
Bruce Riley Ashford, Professor of Theology and Culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; coauthor, The Gospel of Our King

“At a time when scholars continue to wrangle over various interpretations of the kingdom and pastors seek to find clear, concrete ways to express kingdom living to their congregations, we have in this volume a foundational work that will assist scholars and pastors alike for years to come. It’s all here—the history of the debate, biblical theology, systematic theology, and very practical application. As I finished reading this book, I knew that my understanding of the kingdom was forever enlarged; perhaps more significantly, I knew that my heart would never again be satisfied with anything less than kingdom life.”
Michael Honeycutt, Associate Professor of Historical and Practical Theology, Covenant Seminary

“Chris Morgan and Robert Peterson have done a masterful job of searching out a comprehensive construct of the concept of the kingdom of God. Through world-class scholars, they have presented, as promised, “the historical, biblical, theological, and ethical” precepts of the kingdom. What a gift of understanding they have given to the body of Christ.”
Jim Parker, Associate Professor of Biblical Interpretation, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary