The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Reaching the Next Generation

By Kevin DeYoung

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The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Reaching the Next Generation

By Kevin DeYoung

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5 Christlike Ways to Inspire the Next Generation for Christ

Church leaders are continuously concerned they might lose the next generation of faithful believers. They’ve scoured for practical and effective ways to disciple young Christians, often resorting to adopting new and exciting programs, emotional appeals, or mere moralism. However helpful these attempts are, they all seem to lack one critical element—Christ. 

In this concise booklet, bestselling author Kevin DeYoung presents 5 Christlike ways to effectively communicate the Christian faith and practice with the next generation. DeYoung reminds leaders that they won’t ultimately impact young hearts with cleverness, humor, or good looks but by walking with Jesus and following his ways—grab them with passion, win them with love, hold them with holiness, challenge them with truth, and amaze them with God.  

  • How to Reach the Next Generation of Christians: Unpacks 5 practical and biblically sound points to lead the next generation to Christ
  • Useful for Church Leaders: Pastors, youth workers, campus staff, and anyone else who wants to pass the faith on to the next generation
  • Written by Bestselling Author Kevin DeYoung: Author of Just Do Something; Impossible Christianity; and The Biggest Story
  • Concise Repack: This portion was originally published within Don’t Call It a Comeback by Kevin DeYoung, ed.


Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung (PhD, University of Leicester) is the senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina, and associate professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte. He has written books for children, adults, and academics, including Just Do SomethingImpossible Christianity; and The Biggest Story. Kevin’s work can be found on Kevin and his wife, Trisha, have nine children.

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