The Quest for the Guardians

The Dream Keeper Saga Book 4

By Kathryn Butler, MD

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The Quest for the Guardians

The Dream Keeper Saga Book 4

By Kathryn Butler, MD

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In Book 4 of the Dream Keeper Saga, Lily Embarks on a Global Quest to Save the World from Its Nightmares

Lily is excited to reunite with her family after her latest quest in the Somnium Realm, but when she reaches home, she discovers that evil nightmares have invaded the waking world. With the help of her parents, magical friends, and a team of displaced guardians of the Realm, she races to rescue the earth from destruction. Traveling by time machine to the Great Wall of China, Tanzania, and the mountains of Peru, they work together to save the world from fear. As their efforts falter and the threat looms ever darker, Lily pleads for Pax to reach into the waking world to help . . . but can he?

Book 4 of the Dream Keeper Saga is a fast-paced adventure that helps kids and their families discuss biblical themes of sin, salvation, and trust in God.

  • Ideal for Middle-Grade Readers and Families: Includes kids’ favorite fantasy and adventure elements with imaginative new characters and settings they’ll love
  • Christian Themes: This exciting story invites readers into deep conversations about the gospel and theological issues 
  • Book 4 in the Popular Dream Keeper Saga by Kathryn Butler  

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Kathryn Butler, MD

Kathryn Butler (MD, Columbia University) trained in surgery and critical care at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where she then joined the faculty. She left clinical practice in 2016 to homeschool her children, and now writes regularly for and the Gospel Coalition on topics such as faith, medicine, and shepherding kids in the gospel.

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Published: March 12, 2024

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Home
Chapter 2: Lost in Time
Chapter 3: Lost in the Suburbs
Chapter 4: The Goblin in Aisle Three
Chapter 5: An Intruder in the Fortress
Chapter 6: The Wolf
Chapter 7: The Dragon in the Kitchen 
Chapter 8: Into the Unknown
Chapter 9: The Voice in the Dark
Chapter 10: The Climb          
Chapter 11: The Hydra
Chapter 12: The Shack
Chapter 13: Sprock   
Chapter 14: The First Guardian
Chapter 15: The Flaming Pearl
Chapter 16: El Cuco
Chapter 17: The City in the Clouds
Chapter 18: The Second Guardian
Chapter 19: The Village of the Golden Ring
Chapter 20: The Forbidden City
Chapter 21: The Third Guardian
Chapter 22: The Ghostly Dragon
Chapter 23: Fire in the Air
Chapter 24: Lost on the Steppe
Chapter 25: Firelight
Chapter 26: Betrayal
Chapter 27: The Worm
Chapter 28: The Fourth Guardian
Chapter 29: The Raging Sea
Chapter 30: The Sojourner
Chapter 31: The Meadow of Honey
Chapter 32: The Final Flight
Chapter 33: Battle in the Sand
Chapter 34: Into the Breach


“Faith, purpose, friendship, and hope. These themes and more draw young readers into a world where dreams come to life. Butler brings creative imagination and spiritual depth together in a way that keeps children engaged and curious. The larger-than-life storyline of The Dream Keeper Saga is worth daydreaming about at your desk and discussing with your family around the table.”
Gloria Furman, author, Labor with Hope and Missional Motherhood

“Where have all the good books gone? The ones that celebrate the beauty of light, instead of romanticizing the darkness? The ones where words are strung together so beautifully that grown-ups and children alike are captivated by the story as it unfolds? The ones where heroes do what’s right and villains are put in their place? Far too few books like these take up space on my children’s bookshelves, but as a mom, I refuse to believe that all the great children’s literature was written in days gone by. That’s why I adore The Dream Keeper Saga, written by the tremendously talented Kathryn Butler. My sons have devoured these books and learned important lessons as they read. These new classics remind us all that there are still great stories worth telling.”
Erin Davis, author; podcaster; mother of four

“Kathryn Butler’s writing effortlessly draws readers into an imaginative, action-packed world of fantasy that is marked with clear allegorical themes of the truest story ever told. You will laugh and cry with the characters, all while being beautifully pointed to the gospel.”
Korrie Johnson, children’s book reviewer; Founder, Good Book Mom

“I want to know Pax. With each book, he becomes more compelling, and with him, the whole saga. Some series begin with their best tale, then try to muster up sequels. The Dream Keeper Saga gets better with each book. Kathryn Butler wins our trust with her characters, engaging turns, and deeply Christian themes. I’m excited to add the Dream Keeper Saga to our family canon.”
David Mathis, Senior Teacher and Executive Editor,; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Habits of Grace

“Two of my favorite things about the Dream Keeper Saga are the character Pax and the almost Mad-Libs-esque imaginative flow, appropriate (even necessary) to a world redeemed from humanity’s collective dreams.”
James D. Witmer, author, A Year in the Big Old Garden, Beside the Pond, and The Strange New Dog

Book 4 of the Dream Keeper Saga is a fast-paced adventure that helps kids and their families discuss biblical themes of sin, salvation, and trust in God.