The Story of His Glory

By Brian G. Hedges

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The Story of His Glory

By Brian G. Hedges

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The Most Important Story Ever Told

This is the story of God’s gracious rescue of the world through the gift of his Son and the sending of his Spirit. It’s a story of creation and judgment, crime and punishment, grace and glory. It’s a story filled with drama, tension, power, beauty, and hope. And at the heart of this story is the revelation of God’s glory in the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ.

This is the most important story in all of history. And in it you will find the reason you were created, the way you are meant to live, and the path to eternal life.


Brian G. Hedges

Brian G. Hedges serves as lead pastor of Redeemer Church in Niles, Michigan. He is the author of several books, including Christ Formed in You.

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The Story of His Glory
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“Brian Hedges captures the essence and beauty of the Great Story of the ages and invites us to enter into it and to experience all that our Creator had in mind when he made us—for his glory!”
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author; Founder, Revive Our Hearts and True Woman

“Why another gospel booklet? you may ask. Because few write with a clarity and precision like Brian Hedges in The Story of His Glory. If you are looking for a succinct, theologically sound explanation of the gospel with a moving focus on the redemption storyline of the Bible, look no further. Buy hundreds of these to train the Christians in your church and to pass out to those searching for the true message of salvation.”
Brian Croft, Executive Director, Practical Shepherding