The True Woman: The Beauty and Strength of a Godly Woman

Updated Edition

By Susan Hunt, Foreword by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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The True Woman: The Beauty and Strength of a Godly Woman

Updated Edition

By Susan Hunt, Foreword by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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"A classic ‘must-read.’ Bold, countercultural, and more relevant than ever.”

Mary A. Kassian, author, Girls Gone Wise

Have you sensed God's call to change your world?

Do you believe you can be one of those women who, by her virtue, wisdom, dignity, and faith, makes an impact in her home and community?

Maybe you've heard the call but weren't sure how to maximize the opportunities. Maybe society's definition of "true womanhood" has clouded your view of who you are in Christ. Or maybe you've just been waiting for a little encouragement and inspiration. In any case, Susan Hunt says, "Start now." And let this book be your encourager and companion. 

You will read how other Christian women are reflecting Christ despite difficult and sometimes tragic circumstances—and how you can reflect him, too. You'll explore what the Bible says about your identity as a true woman of God. And you'll discover how to further develop a biblically shaped and Spirit-driven character that people are drawn to.

Begin today to draw closer to God and deepen your impact. This exhortation to biblical womanhood will set your heart on fire and help you take up the unique opportunity you have—an opportunity to make a difference for eternity.

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Susan Hunt

Susan Hunt is the widow of pastor Gene Hunt, a mother, a grandmother, and the former director of women’s ministries for the Presbyterian Church in America. Hunt has written over 20 books, including Spiritual Mothering.

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Published: May 31, 2019

Table of Contents

Introduction: Twenty-Two Years Later

Part 1: The True Woman Versus the New Woman

  1. Her Time
  2. Her Standard

Part 2: Her Identity

  1. A Recipient of Redemption
  2. A Reflection of Redemption
  3. A Cultivator of Community
  4. A Channel of Compassion

Part 3: Her Virtue

  1. Piety
  2. Purity
  3. Domesticity
  4. Submission

The True Woman Manifesto
About the Author
General Index
Scripture Index


“Susan Hunt is a friend and mentor to many, including myself. In The True Woman, she comes alongside women to encourage and equip them with a theological framework to live out their womanhood to the glory of God. May Susan’s exhortations here equip another generation of women to reflect their redemption in their home, church, work, and community.”
Christina Fox, counselor; speaker; author, Like Our Father: How God Parents Us and Why That Matters for Our Parenting

“‘True (adjective): genuine, faithful, steadfast, consistent, and loyal.’ If you desire to understand these characteristics of your true God and long for these words to be a descriptor of your life, then you have picked up the right book. Susan Hunt courageously unpacks the multifaceted dimensions of the calling of a true woman. I have seen firsthand how this book has stood the test of time, not only in its content but also in the contours of the life of its author.”
Karen Hodge, Coordinator of Women’s Ministries, Presbyterian Church in America; coauthor, Transformed: Life-taker to Life-giver and Life-giving Leadership

“Certain books stand the test of time and serve as guidebooks for the next generation. Susan Hunt’s The True Woman is such a book. A classic ‘must-read.’ Bold, countercultural, and more relevant than ever.”
Mary A. Kassianauthor, Growing Grateful

“In this book, Susan Hunt articulates profound biblical truths clearly, from a heart nurtured for many years under the authority of Scripture. You will be challenged to think more biblically about God’s redemptive calling and to become a ‘cultivator of true community.’ These are the marks of the true woman—a beacon of hope and faith. As the wife of a minister for over forty years, I am thankful for this invaluable resource.”
Karen Loritts, speaker; coauthor, Your Marriage Today . . . and Tomorrow