True Life: Practical Wisdom from the Book of Ecclesiastes

By Carolyn Mahaney, Nicole Mahaney Whitacre

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True Life: Practical Wisdom from the Book of Ecclesiastes

By Carolyn Mahaney, Nicole Mahaney Whitacre

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Mother-Daughter Team Provides Insights from Ecclesiastes for When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned 

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect. It is often out of our control and beyond our comprehension. Where do we turn in those times? The book of Ecclesiastes offers a guide for life—in the good and the bad. 

In True Life: Practical Wisdom from the Book of Ecclesiastes, Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre lay out 14 lessons that can be learned from Ecclesiastes, helping women see what it looks like to fear God and obey him in the day-to-day. By examining the way life truly is, readers can find the wisdom to endure life’s hardships and enjoy life’s pleasures. 

  • Written for Christian Women: Advice and encouragement applicable for women in every season of life 
  • Includes Space for Reflection: Insightful questions spread throughout each chapter give opportunities for prayer and deeper reflection
  • Practical: Examines what it looks like to fear God in day-to-day life, offering helpful tips and examples from real life
  • Written by Mother and Daughter: Coauthors of Girl TalkTrue Beauty; and True Feelings

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Carolyn Mahaney

Carolyn Mahaney is a pastor’s wife, mother, and homemaker. She has written several books along with her daughter, Nicole, including Girl Talk; True Beauty; and True Feelings. Carolyn and her husband, C. J., have four children and twelve grandchildren. They reside in Louisville, Kentucky, where her husband is the senior pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville.

Nicole Mahaney Whitacre

Nicole Whitacre is a wife, mother, homemaker, and high school English teacher. Together with her mother, Carolyn, she is the author of several books, including Girl Talk; True Beauty; and True Feelings. Nicole and her family live in Pewee Valley, Kentucky, where her husband serves as a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville. 

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Published: January 03, 2023

Table of Contents

Introduction: True Life

Chapter 1: Life Is Uncontrollable
Chapter 2: Life Is Wearisome
Chapter 3: Life Is Unhappy
Chapter 4: Life Is Grievous
Chapter 5: Life Is Enjoyable
Chapter 6: Life Is Well-Timed
Chapter 7: Life Is Incomprehensible
Chapter 8: Live Faithfully
Chapter 9: Live Industriously
Chapter 10: Live Carefully
Chapter 11: Live Wisely
Chapter 12: Live Joyfully
Chapter 13: Live Boldly
Chapter 14: Live Fearfully

General Index
Scripture Index


“In an age when women are told freedom means being who you are and following your feelings, our dear friends Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre have mined the riches of Ecclesiastes to show us that women who are truly free ‘fear God, enjoy his gifts, and anticipate his future judgment.’ In their new book, True Life, they give us biblically rooted, Christ-exalting, and eminently practical ways to walk through the inevitable uncertainties and sorrows of ‘life under the sun’ with faithfulness, thoughtfulness, and joy. Brimming with a bold and God-drenched realism, True Life will serve any woman in any season of life.”
Bob and Julie Kauflin, Director, Sovereign Grace Music; Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church, Louisville, Kentucky; author, Worship Matters and True Worshipers; and his wife

“This wise book helps us realistically assess our short life ‘under the sun,’ and it encourages us to fear God and to enjoy the life he has ordained for us.”
Andy and Jenni Naselli, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and New Testament, Bethlehem College and Seminary; Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and his wife

“When I was 20 years old, I wondered why the book of Ecclesiastes was in the Bible. By age 35 it had become precious to me, as it has for countless saints through the ages. This wonderful book will help you see why. Bursting with practical counsel from ‘the Preacher,’ Carolyn and Nicole will help you discover the path to joy as you sojourn through the ‘unhappy business’ of life (Eccles. 1:13).”
Jon Bloom, Cofounder and teacher, Desiring God