True Worshipers: Seeking What Matters to God

By Bob Kauflin

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True Worshipers: Seeking What Matters to God

By Bob Kauflin

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The question is not Are you a worshiper?” but rather “What kind of a worshiper are you?”

In True Worshipers, Bob Kauflin, a seasoned pastor and musician, opens our eyes to the massive significance of being the type of worshiper God is seeking. Rooted in the gospel of grace and filled with practical application, this book aims to connect Sunday morning to the rest of your life—helping you fulfill your calling to be a true worshiper each and every day.

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Bob Kauflin

Bob Kauflin is a pastor, songwriter, worship leader, and author with over thirty-five years experience. After pastoring for twelve years, he became director of Sovereign Grace Music in 1997. He teaches on congregational worship through WorshipGod conferences, seminars, and his blog, He is currently an elder at Sovereign Grace Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He and his wife, Julie, have six children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren.

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Published: September 30, 2015

Table of Contents

  1. True Worshipers Matter: Worship and Reality
  2. True Worshipers Receive: Worship and Our Inability
  3. True Worshipers Exalt: Worship and Humility
  4. True Worshipers Gather: Worship and Community
  5. True Worshipers Edify: Worship and Maturity
  6. True Worshipers Sing: Worship and Music
  7. True Worshipers Keep Singing: Worship and Perseverance
  8. True Worshipers Encounter: Worship and the Presence of God
  9. True Worshipers Anticipate: Worship and Eternity


“This important book will inform, instruct and inspire. Bob reminds us there’s a reason behind our rejoicing, and there’s substance beneath our singing. Bob patrols the theological borders of this book like a trusty doberman who won’t allow you to trespass into unhealthy attitudes and approaches in worship. But for all the patrolling, there’s even more pastoring. As you read the pages of this book, be open to the whispers of the Holy Spirit. Be ready for him to guide you, remind you, re-align you, or surprise you—for your greater good and his greater glory.”
Matt Redman, worship leader; songwriter

“Brilliant. Freeing. Needed. Worship is often limited to the walls of the church. In True Worshipers, Bob Kauflin reminds us that worship isn’t a Sunday morning routine but rather an everyday lifestyle.”
Louie Giglio, Pastor, Passion City Church, Atlanta; Founder, Passion Conferences; author, The Comeback

“This book brings together years of experience, prayer, study, and discovery in a way that informs and inspires. For those passionate about growing deeper in their understanding of worship, this book is a fantastic and thought-provoking read!”
Tim Hughes, singer-songwriter; Director, Worship Central

True Worshipers is an incredibly helpful book for understanding what it means to worship God. It goes beyond our sanctuaries and stages, but it always starts with God. And it always starts with our hearts. I am grateful for Bob Kauflin’s refreshing honesty and humility as he shares from his experience. This book will be my first recommendation for those wanting to lead worship, as well as anyone seeking to deepen his or her relationship with God.”
Lauren Chandler, writer; speaker; singer; wife of Matt Chandler, The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas

“Bob Kauflin helps us prepare here and now for what we will spend an eternity doing in heaven—worshiping in spirit and in truth the One seated on the throne, singing the song of the Lamb. Nothing could be more important than this ‘dress rehearsal’ of worship.”
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author; Founder, Revive Our Hearts and True Woman

“Bob Kauflin presents a balanced, mature, biblical understanding of worship. He is concerned above all for the heart—for the depth and authenticity of our relationship with God—which so often gets lost in the controversies over styles and traditions. I profited from this book, and in it Bob challenged the quality of my worship.”
John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

“With simplicity and clarity, Bob Kauflin tackles issues he has seen Christians struggle with in the years he has been a pastor, many of which relate to our gatherings. Bob confronts misconceptions about worship in an engaging way, relating everything to Scripture and incorporating helpful insights from other writers. Here is a book to put into the hands of any believer who is searching for answers about this vitally important topic.”
David Peterson, Emeritus Faculty, Moore Theological College; author, Engaging with God and Encountering God Together

“At a time when we so casually label all manner of products, conferences, and ministries with the adjective ‘worship,’ Bob’s clear, practical, inspiring, and thoroughly biblical book brings us back to the heart of what is means to be a worshiper of God. Highly recommended.”
Stuart Townend, Christian songwriter

“I am so thankful for the guidance Bob Kauflin gives us in True Worshipers. Bob writes as a pastor who understands what’s at stake when we talk about worship, connecting our practices as the church gathered to the much bigger, all-of-life reality of worship. True Worshipers is a book for all Christians who want to deepen their practices as worshipers and deepen their intimacy with God.”
Mike Cosper, Founder and Director, Harbor Institute for Faith and Culture

“It’s sad but true: while few things are more fundamental in our lives than worship, few things are more misunderstood. What Worship Matters did for worship leaders True Worshipers does for the rest of us—it draws our attention to what is most important when we think about worship. As a pastor, I’m grateful for the role this book will play in cultivating true worship in our church. As a Christian, I’m grateful this book challenges me to live my entire life delighting in, exalting, and serving the Savior. And as Bob’s friend for the past four decades, I can tell you he is a compelling example of what is written on every page of this book.”
C. J. Mahaney, Senior Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“Bob Kauflin is a good friend who is always quick to encourage all that is good about writing, singing, and living the gospel. We encourage you to read anything he writes!”
Keith and Kristyn Getty, hymn writers and recording artists, “In Christ Alone”; authors, Sing! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church