Unshaken: Real Faith in Our Faithful God

By Crawford W. Loritts Jr.

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Unshaken: Real Faith in Our Faithful God

By Crawford W. Loritts Jr.

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Calling Christians to a faith that does not waver in a God who does not lie, popular radio host and pastor Crawford Loritts challenges us to live fully for Christ, confident in God and his unshakable promises. Highlighting God’s faithfulness in the past, plan for the future, and presence for the here and now, Loritts will help you cultivate a bold faith capable of enduring whatever the world throws your way.

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Crawford W. Loritts Jr.

Crawford W. Loritts Jr. (DDiv, Biola University) is the senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia. He has served as a national evangelist with the American Missionary Fellowship and the Urban Evangelistic Mission, and as associate director of Campus Crusade for Christ. He is a frequent speaker at professional sporting events, including three Super Bowls and the NCAA Final Four Chapel, and has spoken at conferences, churches, conventions, and evangelistic outreaches throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the United States. He is the author of six books, including Leadership as an Identity, Lessons from a Life Coach, and For a Time We Cannot See.

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Published: August 31, 2015

Table of Contents

1. God Confidence

2. A Done Deal

3. The Certainty of Our Future

4. Faith Is Obedience

5. Faith Is Destiny

6. Faith Is Mission

7. Faith Is Endurance

8. Don’t Panic

9. Christ Our Courage


“If you spend any time with Dr. Loritts, you quickly learn that his greatest joy is serving others with a unique combination of grit, humility, and unwavering faith in God. I’m not at all surprised that his book Unshaken provides such an inspiring reminder of how potent our faith can be in every endeavor we pursue. He has lived out its pages for decades and his words are trustworthy.”
Dan T. Cathy, Chairman, President, and CEO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

“I have known Crawford for many years and count him as a close friend and colaborer in God’s work. I can attest to you that he walks his talk. He handles the Word of God with careful accuracy and fiery passion. As you read, be prepared to trust God at a whole new level.”
Steve Douglass, President, Campus Crusade for Christ International

“I have been impacted by the ministry of Dr. Loritts since 1994. The things this man says and writes, my soul seeks to ponder. I would advise you to do the same! Read this and see what a stabilized faith looks like.”
Eric M. MasonLead Pastor, Epiphany Fellowship, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; President, Thriving; author, Manhood Restored

"My friend Crawford has been used by God to speak into my soul repeatedly. But in Unshaken, it seems he has put his arm around me, reasoned with me, and implored me from Scripture to believe God for too much, rather than too little. You’ll find your faith in God will grow as Crawford reminds us of who God is, what God has done, and what God has promised. This book is vintage Crawford: bold, truthful, and encouraging.”
Dennis Rainey, President and CEO, FamilyLife; Host, FamilyLife Today; author, Stepping Up

“In the Bible, faith is essential to salvation, and no less essential to our lifelong pilgrimage. Here, Crawford Loritts does not so much define faith as provide sketches of the way biblical faith operates. In highly practical terms, he describes how faith engenders obedience, endurance, and an ability to live in the light of the new heaven and the new earth. Faith fires mission; it develops trust and courage. And all such faith is grounded in confidence in what God has already done in Christ Jesus. If faith is for you ephemeral and practically useless, you need this book.”
D. A. Carson, Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

“I came across my dad's book Unshaken at a pivotal moment. Our family had just taken a few steps of faith, following God’s lead from the known (Memphis) to the unknown (New York City). This book was used profoundly by God to strengthen my resolve and to help me resist the urge to play it safe. If you are determined to embrace risk in your journey with Jesus, you will find Unshaken to be a helpful, timeless resource.”
Bryan Loritts, Pastor for Preaching and Mission, Trinity Grace Church, New York City; Founder and President, The Kainos Movement; Editor, Letters to a Birmingham Jail

“Whether life is tough or going great, how is your ‘real faith’? Crawford opens God's Word and encourages us to live a life full of faith as God truly hopes and dreams we will. Don’t miss the chance to live Unshaken!”
James Reese, President and CEO, Atlanta Mission