What Do I Say When . . . ?: A Parents' Guide to Navigating Cultural Chaos for Children and Teens

By Andrew T. Walker, Christian Walker

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What Do I Say When . . . ?: A Parents' Guide to Navigating Cultural Chaos for Children and Teens

By Andrew T. Walker, Christian Walker

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Answers to Tough Cultural Questions Presented to Christian Parents

Navigating the world for the first time can be challenging, especially when popular cultural beliefs contradict the teachings of Scripture. So when inevitable questions arise, parents must be equipped with sound biblical answers to guide their children through the complexities of modern life—because if we fail to catechize our children, the world will surely step in to do it for us. 

Written by husband and wife duo Andrew and Christian Walker, this accessible and trusted guide helps busy parents quickly and effectively respond to their children’s questions on a wide range of topics, including abortion, sexuality, transgenderism, technology, political engagement, and more. Each chapter contains age-appropriate prompts for parents of children at different stages of development and maturity. Parents can refer to each chapter as specific questions arise, study hot-button topics for future reference, or access a range of conversation starters to proactively cultivate biblical truth within their child’s heart. 

  • Written for Busy Parents: Empathetic in tone, this book helps parents quickly access answers to the most important topics confronting our youth today
  • Helpful Resources: Each chapter features a biblical overview, basic truths every parent should know, conversation starters, memory verses, and recommended resources 
  • Current: Addresses important cultural topics, including human dignity, abortion, sexuality, transgenderism, technology, political engagement, and more


Andrew T. Walker

Andrew T. Walker (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is associate professor of Christian ethics and public theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and an associate dean in the School of Theology. He is a fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center and managing editor of WORLD Opinions. He resides with his wife and three daughters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Christian Walker

Christian Walker is an accomplished curriculum writer and educator with experience both directing a large children’s ministry in a local church setting as well as spending numerous years in elementary education. She is a teacher at a classical Christian school in Louisville, Kentucky. She resides with her husband and three daughters in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Published: August 13, 2024

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Human Dignity
Chapter 2: Abortion
Chapter 3: Sexuality
Chapter 4: Gender
Chapter 5: Homosexuality
Chapter 6: Identity
Chapter 7: Transgenderism
Chapter 8: Technology
Chapter 9: Political Engagement
Chapter 10: Hostility and Persecution

General Index
Scripture Index


“Christian parents urgently need help as they lead their children and teenagers through the white-water rapids of our increasingly hostile culture. Andrew and Christian Walker know what they are talking about, and they are both sweet Christian parents and faithful Christian thinkers. They are brilliantly insightful, and this book is perfectly timed.”
R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Our team at Focus on the Family is seeing an increasingly common theme in the calls and correspondence we receive: Christian parents are deeply concerned about the culture and its impact on their kids. These moms and dads are looking for help discussing tough topics with their children, which is why I’m so encouraged that Andrew and Christian Walker have released this timely and engaging book, What Do I Say When. . . ? I’m confident many parents will refer to this volume often as they point their kids toward the Bible’s teaching on challenging issues.”
Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

“Andrew and Christian Walker provide an incredibly rich and deeply practical resource for Christian parents in their book What Do I Say When. . . ? The Walkers are a perfect pair to pen such a resource with their educational and vocational backgrounds, as well as their intentionality with parenting. They have dug deep into Scripture and brought forth a timely resource for parents navigating the current chaos in our culture. I encourage parents to pick up this resource and enjoy!”
Lauren McAfee, Ministry Director, Hobby Lobby Ministry Investments; Founder, Stand for Life; coauthor, Beyond Our Control

“This is a rare book that is practical, wise, robustly theological, and usable at the dinner table. Andrew and Christian Walker have given a profound gift to those of us parenting in this chaotic cultural moment. And the stories are the best part, especially for those of us who don’t always know how to get a conversation started with our children.”
John Stonestreet, President, Colson Center; coauthor, A Practical Guide to Culture

“As a mom to two young kids, this book is exactly what I need to navigate tough, cultural conversations from a biblical worldview. It’s more important than ever to be confident in the theological and biblical truth behind why we believe what we do when explaining things to our kids. Kids today want answers they can stand on. This book delivers.”
Ericka Andersen, author, Reason to Return: Why Women Need the Church and the Church Needs Women

What Do I Say When. . . ? is a needed book for all pastors who are looking for biblical, gospel-centered, and practical resources to equip their church. I plan to order a box to give to the parents in our church to help them disciple their children in these challenging times. The book is faithful to God’s word and easy to implement. My wife and I have already used it in our own parenting.”
Jason Dees, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant, Atlanta, Georgia

“What a truly helpful and delightfully practical book! In a culture of chaos, it’s more important than ever that Christians know how to discuss difficult topics with their kids in a way that is faithful to the truth of Scripture. The Walkers have provided an outstanding resource that will give you the biblical clarity and confidence you need to have some of the conversations that matter most today, all in a mercifully short format. What Do I Say When. . . ? achieves the perfect balance of depth and accessibility that every busy parent needs.”
Natasha Crain, speaker; podcaster; author, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side

“Parents often discover, to their dismay, that their children are asking difficult questions about thorny issues that they didn’t even realize existed. Christian parents need trusted voices to help them apply biblical truths and godly wisdom to the ethical confusion and cultural insanity that the world relentlessly throws at their kids. Thank God that Andrew and Christian Walker have written an indispensable guide for families to face the hard things head-on with a confidence that the Bible is sufficient to navigate the troubled waters of twenty-first-century chaos. This book is a lifeline for drowning parents!”
Hershael W. York, Victor and Louise Lester Professor of Christian Preaching and Dean of the School of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As a pastor I love this book, and as a dad I’m thrilled. If churches and parents won’t disciple their children, the world will, and the Walkers have given us a center-bullseye resource to apply the lordship of Christ to the chaos of our kids’ culture.”
Josh Howerton, Senior Pastor, Lakepointe Church, Rockwall, Texas

“The church is in need of biblical resources that help us sort through our challenging cultural moment. As a pastor, I am regularly asked for an accessible resource that answers the most pressing questions of our era. This is the resource I have been looking for.”
J. T. English, Lead Pastor, Storyline Church, Arvada, Colorado; Associate Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Deep Discipleship; coauthor, You Are a Theologian