Who Are You?: A Little Book about Your Big Identity

By Christina Fox, Illustrated by Daron Parton

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Who Are You?: A Little Book about Your Big Identity

By Christina Fox, Illustrated by Daron Parton

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This Engaging Picture Book Helps Kids Explore Their True Identity Found in Christ

Kids have an innate curiosity to explore and discover new things about themselves—they learn their strengths and talents, their preferences and quirks, all while celebrating little victories along the way. While these milestones are undoubtedly important for developing children, our culture mistakenly views them as the foundation of who they are. 

Deeply biblical and visually engaging, this picture book uses lyrical rhymes to help children ages 3–5 understand that their true identity is not found in their preferences, past actions, or current emotions. Instead, it is rooted in their relationship with their Creator and Savior. The one who fashioned them in his likeness and calls them to live a life for his glory. A note to parents section at the end of the book offers practical tips and additional Bible verses for instilling these truths in children as they navigate the world and build the foundation of their lives.

  • Explores Identity and Purpose: Helps children understand they are not defined by their preferences, actions, or emotions, but by their relationship with God as his image bearer 
  • Written for Kids Ages 3–5: Engaging and lyrical, this book will keep kids entertained as they learn about themselves, their God, and the world around them 
  • Practical Approach for Parents and Guardians: A comments to parents section at the end of the book provides advice for furthering the conversation on the topic of identity 


Christina Fox

Christina Fox (MS, Palm Beach Atlantic University) is a speaker and author of Tell God How You Feel: Helping Kids with Hard Emotions and Like Our Father: How God Parents Us and Why that Matters for Our Parenting. She works as the assistant director of alumni relations at Covenant College. She and her husband have two sons and reside in the Atlanta area, where she coordinates a soul care ministry at her church.


Daron Parton (BA, Central Saint Martins) is the illustrator of multiple children's books including, Let's Build a House; A Crocodile in the Family; and The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters. He has worked with prominent companies, magazines, and newspapers, including Penguin Books Australia, Pfizer, Esquire, Scholastic New Zealand, and more. In the US, Parton is represented by Illustration Online LLC. He currently resides in New Zealand with his wife and their two sons. 

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“Perhaps my most frequent prayer for my children is that they would know—deep down —they are the beloved children of God in and through Jesus. In a culture that tells us to find our identity in our achievements, work, personality, or feelings, Who Are You? offers a freeing and beautiful alternative rooted in the gospel: our most foundational identity is that we belong to a God who loves us! This book will be a helpful resource for parents who need to be reminded of their own identity in Christ, even as they speak and pray this important truth over their children.”
Caroline Cobb, singer-songwriter; mom to three; author, Advent for Exiles: 25 Devotions to Awaken Gospel Hope in Every Longing Heart

“In Who Are You?, Christina Fox introduces the concept of identity in a way children can grasp. Her use of plain language and relatable examples brings clarity to an issue that can sometimes be fraught with confusion. If you’re looking for a resource that will help your children to view themselves through their Creator’s eyes, this colorful book is for you!”
Christine Chappell, author, Midnight Mercies; Host, Hope + Help Podcast; certified biblical counselor

“In this delightful book, vibrant illustrations and a whimsical story take small children on a journey to discover that who they are comes not from what they do, the things they love, or what others think about them, but from what God says: ‘You’re mine. I love you through and through.’ Who Are You? is more than a children’s book; it’s a way to speak the truth of God’s love into the lives of God’s children. Share this sweet book with all the little ones in your life, and watch as they grasp the profound truth that their identity is a precious gift from God.”
Ocieanna Fleiss, author, Awaiting the Manger: Whispers of Advent in the Old Testament

Who Are You? answers one of life’s most essential questions. It sweetly illustrates the foundational truth our children need: we are beautiful image-bearers. Christina Fox has found a whimsical way to engage the hearts of our little ones and to teach them that their identity is firmly rooted in their Creator and Savior’s love for them.”
Darby Strickland, Faculty and Counselor, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation; author, Something Scary Happened

“Through beautifully engaging full-page illustrations and relatable text, Christina Fox and Daron Parton ask a familiar question: Who am I? The answer to this question can only be found through a biblical lens, which is clearly relayed in this wonderful children’s book. In addition to offering a delightful opportunity for young children to understand themselves, this book also offers parents and teachers a guide for having conversations with children about the wonderful truth that they are created in the image of God.”
Amy Bagby, Associate Professor of Education, Covenant College

“God’s children are all different and uniquely designed to bring him glory. Who Are You? is a great resource for fighting unbelief and doubt when kids question their identity and purpose.”
Katie Flores, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Presbyterian Church in America

“God’s children are all different and uniquely designed to bring him glory. Who Are You? is a great resource for fighting unbelief and doubt when kids question their identity and purpose.”

Katie Flores

Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Presbyterian Church in America