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Study Bibles: A Shield against Misinterpreting Scripture

Through the Global Ministry Fund, donors made it possible for Nigerian pastor Isaac to receive an ESV Global Study Bible. Aside from his seminary training, the Global Study Bible has had the biggest influence on his ability to correctly interpret and understand Scripture, especially when he faces questions or claims that don’t hold up to the truth.

What the Croatian Church Really Needs

Most Croatians, while claiming to be Christian, don’t know the truth of the gospel. Stevo Vuletić has set out to see the gospel preached in truth to men and women throughout Croatia by partnering with Crossway to make resources available in their language.

Evangelizing Wherever Doors Are Open

Often we go through the motions, in too much of a hurry to pause for a moment and consider who we’re surrounded by and what we have to give to those people—the good news of the gospel. Consider this question: who might you have unknowingly withheld the good news from?

The Enduring Impact of a Pastor’s Personal Spiritual Growth

In Myanmar, with a population that is nearly 88% Buddhist, pastors and church leaders cannot easily access theological resources to support them and help them grow in their ministry. Pastor Zaw, who ministers to several church congregations throughout the country, has experienced this lack of resources in his own ministry.

There Are Churches in Kenyan Slums? Yes, and They're Thriving

Instead of running away from the slums, Ronald and his family run toward the slums. And they come bringing the good news of the gospel, a treasure that has been seen to transform the lives of pastors in Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums.

Books and Bibles Burned, but Christianity Prospers

After the war, the Southeast Asian government required all missionaries to leave the country and closed all Bible schools. The government went so far as to burn any Bibles and theological books that were found. They were looking to purge the country of Christianity. But one glimmer of hope resided in Daniel’s childhood home.

Want to Make a Difference? It Starts with One Person

Throughout the past couple of decades, the city of Darfur, located in southwestern Sudan, has been known as the “World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis.” If there is anywhere in the world where it would make sense that the light of the gospel would not shine, it’s here. And yet, even in the darkest of places, the light is still shining.

Is There Any Hope for Christianity in Poland?

It’s no surprise to hear that Saudi Arabia ranks as having one of the lowest evangelical populations in the world at 0.53%. But what may come as a surprise is to know that Poland’s evangelical population has an even lower representation at 0.31%.