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This update is related to the One Million Bibles: A Crossway Global Initiative campaign.

Every $40 you give delivers ten copies of God’s Word into the hands of Christians in need. Would you prayerfully consider a gift to help distribute God’s Word to those with little or no access? The overall goal for the initiative is to distribute one million Bibles. Our objective is to raise $600,000 by December 31, 2023 to support the printing and distribution of an additional 150,000 Bibles. Achieving this goal would help us to surpass the halfway mark of the overall goal to distribute one million Bibles.

Living as a Christian without God’s Word

Musa lives in Kampala, Uganda, where he works at a shipping yard. Daily he labors to unpack massive shipping containers filled with goods of all kinds, coming from all over the world. He does this to support his very large extended family living with him.

It’s hard for Musa to know exactly what God calls him to because he has never had a Bible of his own. He’s never held a copy of God’s Word in his hands, and he doesn’t own a computer or smartphone. It costs a lot of money to buy a Bible even in Kampala, a sum that he can’t imagine spending due to the limited payment he receives for his work at the shipping yard. After all, he has not only his own wife and children to feed and clothe, but also parents and cousins and other relatives who have taken up residence in their small home.

One day when Musa came to work, he would leave a wealthy man.

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Crossway is providing Bibles to one million believers in need around the world. Join us in our effort to raise support by December 31, 2023 for the distribution of 150,000 Bibles. Would you partner with us to support the global church? Learn More.

A large, 40-foot container arrived at Kampala’s shipment yard while Musa was working, and he along with several others were assigned the job of unloading the hundreds of boxes inside. Musa, accustomed to the difficult work of lifting heavy boxes, got right to work. As he worked, a man named David receiving the shipment started to talk with Musa and the other workers, asking them about their families and jobs at the shipment yard. As they talked, Musa took a liking to David. An opening in the conversation caused Musa to ask David, “What is in these boxes?” He explained that it was a shipment of 23,000 Bibles being donated to Christians in Uganda who don’t have a Bible.

Musa immediately lit up, ecstatic about this incredible shipment that he was able to help with. “I’m a Christian!” he proudly shared with David. “Well, do you have a Bible?” David asked in response. Musa shook his head.
David looked over his shoulder and back at David. “Well, these haven’t gone through customs yet, but here, I want you to have a Bible.” Pulling a pocket knife out, he cut open one of the boxes and pulled out a brand new Bible. Musa broke into a huge grin. This, indeed, was the best gift he had ever received. Musa may never be wealthy in the eyes of the world, but by receiving this Bible he was equipped with the most valuable thing in the world.

Impacting the Musas of the World

Would you consider joining us today by giving a gift to provide a Bible to someone like Musa? Every $40 you give provides Bibles to ten believers in need.

Join us in providing God’s Word where it’s needed most!

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