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God, You Are: 20 Promises from the Psalms for Kids

By William R. Osborne, Illustrated by Brad Woodard

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God, You Are: 20 Promises from the Psalms for Kids

By William R. Osborne, Illustrated by Brad Woodard

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20 Psalms and Devotions to Help Children Learn More about Who God Is

The Psalms are full of “You Are” statements—like “You are my rock and fortress” found in Psalm 31. For generations, Christians have used these phrases to praise God for who he is and what he has done for his people. These short, simple statements provide wonderful opportunities for parents to teach their children about the character of God and reflect on who he is in powerful ways. 

In this book, professor, pastor, and father William R. Osborne presents short devotionals around the 20 “You Are” statements found in the Psalms. Each devotional is followed by a short prayer that families can pray together as they read. Using a clear and warm style, Osborne provides a distinct connection between the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s goodness, holiness, and mercy as they are illustrated in the Psalms. 

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William R. Osborne

William R. Osborne (PhD, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as associate professor of biblical and theological studies at College of the Ozarks and is the author of Divine Blessing and the Fullness of Life in the Presence of God. He lives in southwest Missouri with his wife and four kids. 


Brad Woodard

Brad Woodard is the cofounder of Brave the Woods, a creative studio that specializes in illustration, branding, and education. Brave the Woods, which Brad founded with his wife Krystal, has worked with clients such as Uber, Target, Penguin Random House, and more. 

Product Details

Title: God, You Are
Subtitle: 20 Promises from the Psalms for Kids
Published: June 20, 2023
ISBN-10: 1-4335-8431-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-8431-2
Category: Children & Youth
Retail Price: $17.99
Binding: Hardcover
Trim: 7.2 in x 8.0 in
Page Count: 48 +end sheets

Table of Contents


1: God, You Are Holy (Ps. 22:3)
2: God, You Are with Me (Ps. 23:4)
3: God, You Are My Salvation (Ps. 25:5)
4: God, You Are My Rock (Ps. 31:3)
5: God, You Are a Hiding Place (Ps. 32:7)
6: God, You Are My Help (Ps. 40:17)
7: God, You Are My King (Ps. 44:4)
8:  God, You Are My Deliverer (Ps. 70:5)
9: God, You Are My Fortress (Ps. 71:3)
10: God, You Are My Refuge (Psalm 71:7)
11: God, You Are the God Who Works Wonders (Ps. 77:14)
12: God, You Are a Shepherd (Ps. 80:1)
13: God, You Are Forgiving (Ps. 86:5)
14: God, You Are Never-Changing (Ps. 102:27)
15: God, You Are Very Great (Ps. 104:1)
16: God, You Are Good (Ps. 119:68)
17: God, You Are My Shield (Ps. 110:114)
18: God, You Are Righteous (Ps. 119:137)
19: God, You Are Near (Ps. 119:151)
20: God, You Are My Everywhere (Ps. 139:8)

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God, You Are offers an accessible and fun invitation to children and their families to know the God of the Psalms! Through the concise and imaginative explanations, poignant questions, and prayer points to help them put their learning into practice, families will love learning together and growing together in knowing the God the psalmists worship!”
Amy Gannett, Founder and Creator, Tiny Theologians; Writer and Bible Teacher, The Bible Study Schoolhouse; author, Fix Your Eyes

“Oh, how I love this book! With tender affection for the Lord and for children, Osborne guides kids through the book of Psalms by winsomely connecting childhood experiences to images and themes in the psalms and revealing how they point to Jesus. I can already tell this will become a beloved book for my family, and I suspect it will become a staple in many homes.”
Caroline Saunders, author, The Story of Home and Kids in the Bible

God, You Are brings the beauty of the Psalms to a tangible level for the littlest souls among us. I can’t wait to use this in our discipleship routine with my own children.”
Phylicia Masonheimer, Founder, Every Woman a Theologian

“In this little book, Osborne engages the reader with relatable questions and uses the Psalms to teach about the character of God. He points straight to the gospel on each page and demonstrates how to pray through the Psalms. With such rich truth packaged concisely and beautifully, this book encouraged our own hearts and is a resource we’ll be visiting again and again as our children grow!”
Devon and Jessica Robyn Provencher, authors and illustrator, Big Theology for Little Hearts series