I Have My Doubts: How God Can Use Your Uncertainty to Reawaken Your Faith

By Philip Graham Ryken

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I Have My Doubts: How God Can Use Your Uncertainty to Reawaken Your Faith

By Philip Graham Ryken

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10 Bible Stories of Faith and Doubt to Encourage Believers through Uncertainty 

Will God do what he says he promises? Can we trust his intentions? Is he even good? Without guidance, these doubt-filled questions can hinder spiritual progress and lead to discouragement. Thankfully, the Bible offers encouraging examples of men and women who remained faithful to God even through seasons of uncertainty. 

Based on a series of Wheaton College chapel messages, this encouraging guide explores 10 Bible stories on the topic of faith and doubt to reassure readers that doubt is normal for Christians. These stories cover a wide range of questions and doubts that most Christians experience at some point in their faith journey—doubts about God’s power, protection, justice, healing, and more. Ultimately, readers will better understand the dynamic of faith and doubt, helping them renew their faith in God even through times of uncertainty.

  • Encouraging: This book bolsters faith in God and his word amid inevitable times of doubt
  • Scriptural Study: Explores 10 stories of biblical believers who experienced doubt yet remained faithful to God 
  • Written by Philip Ryken: President of Wheaton College and author of Beauty Is Your DestinyIs Jesus the Only Way?; and Loving the Way Jesus Loves


Philip Graham Ryken

Philip Graham Ryken (DPhil, University of Oxford) is the eighth president of Wheaton College. He preached at Philadelphia’s Tenth Presbyterian Church from 1995 until his appointment at Wheaton in 2010. Ryken has published more than fifty books, including When Trouble Comes and expository commentaries on Exodus, Ecclesiastes, and Jeremiah. He serves as a board member for the Gospel Coalition and the Lausanne Movement.

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Title: I Have My Doubts
Subtitle: How God Can Use Your Uncertainty to Reawaken Your Faith
Published: August 13, 2024
ISBN-10: 1-4335-9339-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-9339-0
Category: Christian Living
Bible Studies & Devotionals
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Doubting God’s Word—Eve in the Garden of Eden
Chapter 2: Doubting God’s Promise—Sarah under the Oak Trees
Chapter 3: Doubting God’s Missional Call—Moses at the Burning Bush
Chapter 4: Doubting God’s Supernatural Protection—Elisha’s Servant at Dothan
Chapter 5: Doubting God’s Abundant Generosity—Naomi on the Road to Bethlehem
Chapter 6: Doubting God’s Basic Fairness—Asaph outside God’s Temple
Chapter 7: Doubting God’s Loving Care—Jeremiah in Prison
Chapter 8: Doubting God’s Miraculous Healing—The Father in the Crowd
Chapter 9: Doubting God’s Resurrection Power—Thomas in the Upper Room
Chapter 10: Doubting Your Doubts—Peter on the Sea of Galilee 

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“As Christians, we talk a lot about faith but perhaps too little about doubt. This book reminds us that the Bible talks about both. With the warmth and honesty of a pastor and the wisdom and depth of a theologian, Ryken leads the reader to a renewed and refreshed hope in the truths of God without minimizing the dark challenges of our world. Read it and be encouraged. And then give it to a friend.”
Michael J. Kruger, President and Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

“Doubt, a common Christian experience, is sometimes stigmatized in the church. As a result, many believers feel ashamed of their doubts and struggle with them in secret. In this wise and pastoral book, Philip Ryken reminds us how many biblical heroes struggled with doubts. He gives helpful counsel for how we can work through our doubts to arrive at a more rugged and enduring faith. For anyone who struggles with doubt, this book will serve as not only a light to their path but a comfort and balm to their soul.”
Gavin Ortlund, President, Truth Unites; author, Why God Makes Sense in a World That Doesn’t

“One of the great victories of faith in the life of a believer is coming to an understanding that honest doubt represents opportunity, not defeat. Doubt can cause us to seek answers from God and his word that will ultimately strengthen our faith. In this compelling book, Philip Ryken encourages the reader not to run from doubt but instead to grow through it, just as the biblical characters he describes did.”
Ed Stetzer, Dean, Talbot School of Theology

“Do you experience suffering, intellectual doubt, moral confusion, or times when it seems God is not there or doesn’t care? Philip Ryken writes to believers who have doubts and even consider giving up on faith. As a pastoral scholar and spiritual mentor, Ryken is wise and honest, realistic and encouraging. Above all, he is powerfully biblical as he examines and learns from those in Scripture who faced the same doubts we do and came through them reaffirmed in and reawakened to God’s loving presence.”
Rick Richardson, Professor and Luis Palau Endowed Chair of Evangelism, Wheaton College; author, You Found Me

“Every person will eventually face the abyss of doubt—about God’s fairness, about miracles, about God’s plans. Philip Ryken’s I Have My Doubts is the flaming light we need in those dark, lonely times. It’s biblical. It’s insightful. And it will feed, nourish, and warm your soul.”
Sam Chan, head trainer and mentor, EvQ School of Evangelism, City Bible Forum; author, How to Talk about Jesus (without Being That Guy)

“Because we Christians don’t think we’re allowed to have doubts, the moment they arise, we panic. In I Have My Doubts, Philip Ryken shares ten stories of biblical characters whose doubts led to flourishing faith. He pastorally reminds us that we are not alone in our doubts, that our doubts do not diminish God, and that all we need to endure is enough faith to take the very next step in following Jesus. We can both believe and find help in our unbelief!”
Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; author, Seven Dangers Facing Your Church

“Doubt is everywhere—in politics, media, science, and, of course, the Christian faith. In these ten biblical vignettes about doubt, Ryken provides readers with a path to Christian confidence that refuses to minimize the reality of today’s spiritual uncertainties. Ryken does this, ultimately, by reminding us of the one who holds on to us even when we feel unable to hold on to him.”
John Dickson, Jean Kvamme Distinguished Professor of Biblical Studies and Public Christianity, Wheaton College; Host, Undeceptions podcast

“In I Have My Doubts, Philip Ryken thoughtfully reminds us that uncertainty is not antithetical to faith and, moreover, can be fruitfully constitutive of a faithful life. Drawing from a variety of biblical narratives, he reflects on uncertainties that have accompanied Christian pilgrimage throughout the ages. Encouraging readers to ‘doubt their doubts,’’ this book is a refreshing reminder that the flourishing life of a Christ follower materializes not by eschewing all skepticism but by focusing on Christ in the midst of our doubt.”
Kevin Brown, President, Asbury University