Is Christianity Good for the World?

By Sharon James

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Is Christianity Good for the World?

By Sharon James

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Exploring the Impact of Christianity throughout History 

In our increasingly secular world, many claim that Christianity is oppressive and toxic. Christians are accused of standing on the wrong side of history, failing to accept human dignity, freedom, and progress. Are these accusations valid? Is Christianity actually causing more harm than good in the world?  

In this concise booklet, author Sharon James shows that through history and across the globe, true followers of Christ have challenged injustice and abuse, and provided care for the needy. This has had a beneficial and widespread impact on all areas of human life. Without the moral ideals given to us by God, humans would lack the ability and desire to pursue justice, freedom, and compassion altogether. When Christians follow the biblical worldview with integrity and align their actions with their self-giving God, that results in sacrificial service to others. 

  • Outlines the Positive Effect Christianity Has Had across the Centuries:  Argues a biblical worldview is essential for human freedom, flourishing, and fulfillment
  • Useful for Church Leaders and Laypeople Alike: This book provides knowledge and confidence for believers as they interact with those who argue Christianity is oppressive 
  • Short, Accessible Format: A concise biblical exploration of Christianity’s impact in the world  
  • TGC Hard Questions Series: Equips readers with answers to difficult questions facing the modern church

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Sharon James

Sharon James (PhD, University of Wales) works as social policy analyst for the Christian Institute, United Kingdom. She has written a number of books and has traveled to many countries as a conference speaker. She writes at

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Title: Is Christianity Good for the World?
Published: October 03, 2023
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Is Christianity Good for the World?
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“Brief, insightful, well-researched, and extremely timely. This deserves wide circulation.”
Peter J. Williams, Principal, Tyndale House, Cambridge

“This concise, biblically sound book packs a powerful punch. It is a much-needed and edifying resource for the church in view of the world’s misapprehensions about Christianity. I highly recommend it.”
Becket Cook, author, A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption; Host, The Becket Cook Show

“Sharon James has written a critical book for a critical time. With characteristic intellectual rigor and concrete evidence, she makes an overwhelming case for the positive impact of Christianity on the world, both historically and today. But what makes this book really stand out is how clear, concise, and easy to read it is. It is well worth anyone’s time!”
Philippa Taylor, Director, Institute for Faith and Culture

“A vital read in our cultural moment, giving us renewed courage to see that authentic discipleship leads to the transformation of society for human flourishing, as we ourselves have been transformed by the self-giving God.”
Benedict Harding, Head of Relay and Leadership Network, UCCF: The Christian Unions

“The gospel is a simple, glorious message that has radically changed the world. Seeds of truth have brought forth beauty. It can be disappointing, therefore, when the massive contributions of the Christian gospel are neglected in the minds of the majority of those who benefit from it daily. Sharon James has written a uniquely powerful and clear book, demonstrating historically, sociologically, and with excellent examples that Christianity has been good for the world—and still is.”
Ben Virgo, Director, Christian Heritage London

“Sharon James is a gift to Christ’s church. This clear and concise book will help Christians and non-Christians see that freedom, dignity, justice, education, technology, creation care, and hospitals did not arise in a vacuum. They grew from the soil of the Christian worldview. James shows the beauty of the ways of God and how the gospel is, in fact, good news for the whole world.”
Blake White, Lead Pastor, South Side Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas