Joyfully Spreading the Word: Sharing the Good News of Jesus

Edited by Kathleen Nielson, Gloria Furman, Contributions by Shar Bell, Rosaria Butterfield, Gloria Furman, Camille Hallstrom, Megan Hill, Happy Khambule, Jamie R. Love, Rebecca Manley Pippert, Eowyn Stoddard

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Joyfully Spreading the Word: Sharing the Good News of Jesus

Edited by Kathleen Nielson, Gloria Furman, Contributions by Shar Bell, Rosaria Butterfield, Gloria Furman, Camille Hallstrom, Megan Hill, Happy Khambule, Jamie R. Love, Rebecca Manley Pippert, Eowyn Stoddard

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Many Christian women view evangelism as an optional add-on to their Christian lives—which means it's often neglected in the face of constant distractions, cultural discomfort, and busy schedules. And yet, God has called women to joyfully spread the good news in all the various contexts to which God has called them. It’s time for a renewed vision of the necessity, urgency, and practicality of the call to share the good news of Jesus in any situation. With a clear articulation of the message of the gospel alongside concrete personal stories and practical examples from ten women, this book supplies role models who show women how to faithfully and effectively share the gospel in any season of life.

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Kathleen Nielson

Kathleen Nielson (PhD, Vanderbilt University) is an author and speaker who loves working with women in studying the Scriptures. After directing the Gospel Coalition’s women’s initiatives from 2010–2017, she now serves as senior adviser and book editor for TGC. She and her husband, Niel, make their home partly in Wheaton, Illinois, and partly in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and five granddaughters.

Gloria Furman

Gloria Furman (MACE, Dallas Theological Seminary) lives in the Middle East where her husband, Dave, serves as the pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai. She is the author of many books, including Labor with Hope; Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full; and Glimpses of Grace.


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Title: Joyfully Spreading the Word
Subtitle: Sharing the Good News of Jesus
Published: June 30, 2018
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Table of Contents

Kathleen Nielson

  1. The Glorious What of Evangelism
    Becky Pippert 
  2. The Heart of the Evangelist
    Megan Hill 
  3. The Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission
    Camille Hallstrom 
  4. Mercy Ministry and Proclamation Ministry
    Eowyn Stoddard 


  1. Spreading the Word in Everyday Life
    Gloria Furman 
  2. Spreading the Word among Children
    Jamie Love 
  3. Spreading the Word among University Students
    SharDavia Walker 
  4. Spreading the Word in the Workplace
    Happy Khambule 
  5. Spreading the Word among Friends Identifying as LGBTQ
    Rosaria Butterfield 
  6. Spreading the Word in Diverse Contexts
    Women All around You 

Appendix: Representative Resources for Evangelism
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Scripture Index


“Read it and weep—joyfully! This book on evangelism for women, by women, carefully interweaves biblical exegesis with moving stories of gospel transformation and rejection from the diverse experiences of humble sisters in Christ. We are reminded that time is short, our mandate is clear, and King Jesus is glorious—yet we are weak and fearful, preoccupied, and inward looking. I love the book’s insistence on prayerful dependence on God to work, and the soul-burning witness to his answers to these prayers. We are repeatedly encouraged to know our Savior better, that we may proclaim the riches of his grace more fully and with greater nuance and sensitivity to context. It’s a book I want every Christian woman I know to read—because nothing matters more!”
Fiona Millar, Lecturer, Queensland Theological College

“Each and every day the Lord sends his people out all over the world with the same glorious commission: ‘Go and make disciples.’ Joyfully Spreading the Word shares faithful examples of disciple making in places of employment, universities, neighborhoods, and homes—rightly reminding us that wherever we are, we have the privilege of sharing the Word with others. This book will encourage and inspire you to see the mission field in your own backyard.”
Melissa B. Kruger, Director of Women’s Content, The Gospel Coalition; author, Growing Together

“Have you been longing to share the gospel with your friends and neighbors but have been hesitant to initiate? If so, Joyfully Spreading the Word is the perfect place to begin. We all know that we should evangelize, yet most of us feel guilty that we rarely do it. This winsome collection from various writers reminded me of the daily opportunities I have to share my faith and gives me courage and tools to follow through. These women offer practical examples from everyday life, which makes this book so helpful. Read it—you’ll be stirred afresh to share the best news in the world!”
Vaneetha Rendall Risner, author, Walking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption

“This great book was written by women, but its content is for everyone. The authors truly understand what the Great Commission is all about. It is about not only proclaiming the gospel message, but about living it out every day and in every place. ‘The ambassador for Christ is never off duty,’ to use one of the many gospel phrases found in this book. By this, the authors mean that, regardless of where you live, work, or even visit, as a redeemed person, you are expected to live and share the good news of our Redeemer. Jesus said to go and make disciples, but if we are to live the gospel in everyday life, then we never stop going. That is the challenge in this book. Please buy, read, and apply this book. It is worthy.”
Miguel Núñez, Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Joyfully Spreading the Word is refreshingly rooted in delight rather than duty. It is a clarion call compelling all women to go, make disciples, and teach his commandments, coupled with the gentle reminder of the great comfort that he is with us always, to the end of the age.”
Karen Hodge, Coordinator of Women’s Ministries, Presbyterian Church in America; coauthor, Transformed

“Biblical teaching, combined with personal examples and stories, make this book a warmhearted challenge for women to engage their everyday worlds with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Be encouraged by it, then take a risk and share your faith with someone around you.”
Mack and Leeann Stiles, authors, Mack & Leeann’s Guide to Short-Term Missions and Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus

“At heart, I’m a hesitant evangelist—and I don’t like that. ‘What should I say? How should I say it? Who would listen?’ That’s why I can heartily recommend Joyfully Spreading the Word. This theologically sound, guilt-free book answers those questions. Through a collection of stories and a variety of role models, it inspires readers with both the privilege and the urgency of the biblical mandate to go and share ‘the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus’ (2 Tim. 3:15). Read it, use it, and see if God won’t indeed prove through your life that his Word will not return empty, but will accomplish that which he purposes (Isa. 55:11).”
Jani Ortlund, Executive Vice President, Renewal Ministries

“A desire to reach the lost has often been the gate through which all sorts of unhelpful things have gained entrance into the church. And so I am grateful that Joyfully Spreading the Word is what so many books on evangelism are not: engaging and humane while still clear and faithful. I found each chapter to be thought provoking, challenging, and full of insight. As I read it, I found myself both scheming about ways to share the gospel in my circles, and also making a list of other people I wanted to point toward this resource. I recommend it wholeheartedly.”
Mike McKinley, Pastor, Sterling Park Baptist Church; author, Church in Hard Places; Am I Really a Christian?; and Church Planting Is for Wimps