10 Truths for Moms

Truth to Cling To

While motherhood is a desirable and godly calling, it also brings pain and heartache. Whether it’s postpartum depression or a child’s difficult behavior, a serious medical diagnosis or estrangement from an adult child, being a mom is hard, and it brings all kinds of unexpected sorrows. And a mother’s sorrows can lead her to question God’s character and promises.

But God is still good. He really is, no matter what. Even when circumstances look nothing like we imagined, God remains the same, and we can trust him. He is our true hope and comfort in trials, and his word provides a framework that both explains our suffering and helps us combat common temptations and lies that so often travel with it.

These are ten truths for moms like me to cling to on our difficult days. To reassure us of God’s love. To encourage us that he is at work in our trials. To remind us of what the Bible says is true when our feelings and circumstances and the lies in our heads tempt us to think and believe otherwise.

Also available as a beautiful PDF download, you’re invited to print this chart and put it where you will see it often. Share it with a friend or moms’ group. Pass it out to parents when they pick up their children from Sunday school or the church nursery. My hope is that these ten truths point many moms to the goodness of Christ and the gospel hope and comfort he offers.

Katie Faris is the author of God Is Still Good: Gospel Hope and Comfort for the Unexpected Sorrows of Motherhood.

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